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Rental Shop in Denver

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Heading out to Denver in a couple weeks with the family for a house hunting trip, and won't have room to bring my skis but will bring my boots and other gear.  Planning to ski A-basin or possibly Loveland on 4/1.  I'm a big guy, 6' 4" 235 lbs, aggressive skier.  Normally ski my 192 Moment Belafontes or 191 ON3P Billy Goats.  Will probably be spending most of my time lapping Pali and East Wall if we choose A-basin.


What's a good rental shop in Denver or en route that will have the type of skis I'm looking for?  Any place where I could pick up the night before so I don't have to deal with the rental hassle in the morning?

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I'm partial to Edgeworks at 9th and Broadway in Denver.

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I'm partial to Edgeworks at 9th and Broadway in Denver.

+1 on Edgeworks. The owner, Matt, is great. Their rental gear is in good shape, new, and I'm guessing a better rate than on mountain.  Although I will say the Loveland Sport Shop does have a good demo selection. 

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