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Lastest Vintage Ski Gear Finds

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This is thread intended to share your latest vintage ski finds. Whether you just want to reminisce or sell/trade items. This thread is for all types of vintage ski enthusiasts. Please keep the posts related to recent finds not things already in your collection that keeps things more interesting. No new items either. Thanks 

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Olin Mark IV Comps and Hanson Hexel Split Tails were the thrift store and eBay scores this year, 2016.


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Ahem!  That Mark Four on the right seems to be missing something, as compared to the one on the left (and v-v).


I don't have to rely on pics, however, since I still have several pairs of Olins (fours and sixes) overhead (sixes in both black and white (white from the James Bond film)).


Also have two pairs of perfectly functional thirty-three year old Salomon SX-90 (orange=stiff shell) rear-entry boots (see my thread or posts here from the end of last season).   I did finally decide to take everyone's advice and give up those comfortable and easy-to-walk-in old shells for some nice new Nordicas when I had the bindings fit to my new bump skis (cork liners inside those Nordicas--didn't need any boot fitting, and they are quite warm too).


Yeah...I remember those days...and that good-old-gear.  :D




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Found these the other days. Love the Kneissls

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I've been on quite the roll this season.  Split tails were at a thrift store, bindings not blown yet, skied them too.  Been looking for Mark IVs for years, eBay score $75 delivered.  Bindings may or may not hold.  Binding fairy may be bringing me something better for them though.  Last night I was thinking I have quite the two ski retro quiver, what else could I possibly want?  Started persuing vintage eBay looking at The Ski options there.  Today I went to a larger thrift store I hadn't been in since December..


And, I heard ANGELS SING!



All METAL 727s... ONE mount.



I made an additional donation on top of the $8 bucks... there was a 20% off sale.


Bases are near mint, brown spots are dirt on the storage wax they came with.  Some surface corrosion on the brakes, but seem to be fully functional.



Kind of bummed that I won't be able to ski these.  BSL is too big and I wouldn't dream of drilling additional holes in these babies.  The are wall hangers for now and NOT FOR SALE! 


My dream retro quiver is complete...  Maybe someday someone will have one mount The Skis with sound bindings for my 295-305 BSL they will swap.  These look like about a 28-29 Mondo but that is a wild guess, there is about a one inch gap past my 26's. with them all the way up.  They will go bigger though. I usually ski in a 25.5.


UPDATE.. after thinking about it all day I DRILLED THEM! :devil: What the hell, why did they drop in my lap if I'm not supposed to actually ski them?  I know I tanked the value but who cares.  I don't plan on selling them anyway. 

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Found these yesterday. Fischer Combi Old Mercury Skis, which I know little about, some olympique, and dynastar Mv2s 


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