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Giving ski advice

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We like people asking for ski advice to tell us where they ski, what kind of skiing they do, their size and their ability level. Seems to me people giving advice should give the same information, so that the OP can evaluate the appropriateness of the advice. In the same vein, people should only give advice about skis they have actually used and tell whether they have used it a lot or demoed it one day, and if the latter what kind of a day it was. It is also not useful to recommend your favorite powder ski when the OP asks for advice about a carver or visa versa. Sometimes I wonder if people even read the original post or just recommend whatever they're skiing every time they see a thread asking for ski advice. 

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I think you should buy some Kastle MX88s. I hear they're awesome. 168 would be the perfect size for you!
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Very good points. I've recently skied Line Sick Day 95 and Soul 7. Being a light skier (130lbs), I didn't like either at all. Both skied like a plank. For more average/heavier people, I'm sure they ski great.

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