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Help for a new set of planks

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Hey team, long-time reader, first time poster! I've been looking for some advice on a new set of sticks now that the sales are starting to show up.


I'm a long time snowboarder who's looking to get back into skiing. I've been getting tired of sitting on my butt every time I get off the chairlift and having to huff it in on flat sections. Been on the board for around 15 years, but skied for 10 years before that. Anyways, I've been out 6 times so far this year on skis in the last couple months and I think I'm going to commit to skiing for a while.


I've gone out and got myself a decent set of boots that fit well (Tecnica Cochise 110's, the blue ones) and now I need to find some planks. I'm looking for an all mountain ski that has enough float when there's a foot of fresh snow, but is still be stable and perform very well on a groomers and the occasional mogul run. 70% on piste and 30% off piste would be pretty close to accurate. Most of my skiing/riding is in the BC interior (Fernie & Revelstoke) and in Banff (Sunshine Village/Lake Louise). I would consider myself an good skier, but not an expert at this point. I'm 6'0 (183cm) and 195 pounds (88kg). Although I was surprised about how my confidence on a snowboard really did carry back over to skiing :)


I've been out of the ski game for so long so I don't really know what's what in terms of gear anymore. So I've gone a demo'd a couple pairs but am having trouble deciding. I've ridden the Volkl Mantras and the Kendos. The Mantra's were a nice ski off piste, but I found when you're ripping on hard pack and groomers, they were a bit too chattery, which turned me off the full rocker. The Kendo's on the other had we're amazing all day (they absolutely shredded it on the hard pack and groomers) but I'm not sure they would have enough float in a foot or more of fluff for someone of my weight. With a lot of my riding being in bounds, I am looking for a ski that kills it on the resort, but can also handle the deeper stuff, in that order.


The other two I'm considering are the DPS Wailer 99 at 176 and the Blizzard Bonafide at 180. The other thing that's killing me too is that I can get a great deal on the Kendo's right now ($475 CAD!!!), but I don't want that to bias me too much.


I would really like to have a one ski quiver and understand that a ski can't do everything, but I'm really struggling on this choice. Any advice from the gearheads on here is much appreciated!!!



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70% piste / 30% off get the Brahma instead the bonafide! Great ski!

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Is the Brahma going to be enough underfoot for a heavy guy in a foot of fresh snow though?

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I PM'd the OP about a set of well-priced Line Supernatural 100 186cm out his way, with Griffon demo-bindings.

The Kendo is 90 wide.  I was on it a couple weeks ago, but only on a groomer.

The shape of the Line SN 100/108 should make it much more pow friendly than the current Kendo. 


I also mentioned my set of DPS 106 F in Gear-Swap, but not much reviews other than a Blister, Pugski, and my own comments (biased), as the 106 is so new.


Would the Pinnnacle 95/105 or Ranger 98/108 offer the OP enough groomer performance ?

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I'm in Alberta/BC too, advanced skier, ski the same resorts you mentioned, and find a 2 ski set-up is kind of ideal for me. For Alberta - I really think 85-100 underfoot is ideal. I've used my Volkl Kenja (88 underfoot) at SSV, LL and Fernie, and it's fine 90% of the time (the Kenja is the men's equivalent of the Kendo). I prefer a mid-fat actually - especially for groomed/chop/bumpy that we see here.  For powder days, or Revy, or Fernie when it's not raining, a powder ski is great. But realistically, those days are pretty far and few between. I find a dedicated powder ski most useful for Revy and Fernie, especially for that wetter snow. In Alberta, I've used everything from 75 - 100 underfoot in up to 2 feet of champagne powder and I find that's fine because the snow is so light. I regularly take my Kenjas into a foot of powder. I would really suggest that you take the time and demo. As they say - marry your boots and date your skis. Lake Louise has a great series of 3 demo days every year - and different brands each time. That's where we do most of our demos. My SO is looking for a new ski this year - and, for our conditions, he's liked the Nordica NRGY 100s and Enforcer the most. He disliked the Pinnacle 95 - thought it was a little too soft, and not great in mixed conditions. He demoed both the Brahma and Bonafide -  liked the Brahma a little bit more. He, like you, didn't like the Mantras. Didn't like the DPS 99 for Alberta conditions at all. The NRGY 100 is really the front runner right now - it's a good combination of playful but stiff and charge-y. He even took it in about 15 cm fresh in the back bowls at Louise and thought it was fun. Anyway - I would really suggest you demo - skis may have similar specs but can be so different from one another. 

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I demoed the NRGY 100s too in a 177, and i liked them quite a bit as well! 

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Responded to PM, ARL67! Thanks again!


ABSkigirl, thanks for the input. I'll definitely keep demo'ing until I find a suitable 'dating' candidate for a fling haha. The Banff hills aren't big powder hills so it's good to have someone who's used to the conditions and knows what I'm struggling with here. I'll definitely see if I can scope those NGRY's out in Calgary here.

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I demoed the Rossignol E100 this year and loved it as a frontside charger.


I agree with a two ski quiver: an 88-100mm for most days and a 105-115mm rockered ski for powder days.

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