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Volkl One vs Rossignol Super 7 question

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Anyone has experience with both of them on powder to make reasonable comparison? I am interested in a new pair of wide skis - mostly for fresh powder, maybe - sometimes - little bit as all-mountain. Rossignol Super 7 has bunch of good reviews, Volkl One seems to be newly introduced model, so one-on-one comparison will be helpful. Though they have very similar sidecut they look different. Also, skiessentials.com has a terrific deal on Volkl One and Two right now :-)

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Google the ski and read the reviews. When reading try to read between the lines. Are you looking for a powder only ski or a ski that will do well in heavy snow like Spring time curd ? You sound like your looking for both.

You want a ski that is torsionally stiff so it won't get deflected if the snow gets a bit heavy or thick.

I enjoy my Volkl Gotama's and Shiro's. They do well in powder and great in the crud.

They also do ok in the morning frozen grooming, until the sun softens the snow, then they come alive.

From Volkl's site.

The Völkl One, with a shape of 138-116-130mm, is designed for skiers who want a powder ski that they can also ski in chopped up crud, wind blown snow, and even crust. The early taper in the tip and tail allow the skier to maneuver with almost no effort. A playful powder ski for easy, drifty turns.

See, it can ski chopped up crud.

Ask the guy's at skiessentials what they like about the ski.

They are very helpful. I've bought a lot from them.

From Rossi's site about the Super 7, 90% Powder / 10% All-Mountain
That's telling me. it will not do well in crud.

Friends have bought the Soul 7 and the women's version of that, they don't ski it when it's firm or cruddy.

I ski my Volkl's in those conditions firm, cruddy and heavy whatever.
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The correct answer? 'Shiro'. :)

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The Volkl One is an "older ski" , not a new model.


EDIT:  I see there are new versions od the ONE & TWO for 2016/2017



SkiEssentials have the previous One & Two on for an insanely low $249 , or $349 with a binding, plus some other discounts going on now too. 

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Here is a review I wrote a while back

I have skied them 18 times now from 1 - 15 inches in soft powder

Just Love my Volkl One 

it is a soft snow ski

On groomers it does OK..... Not for Ice


Skied 3 times now once in 3 in. and 5 in. and 12 in. of powder and soft groomed 
Me 6' 1" 220 lbs, Average skier, ski length 186 
Mounted at the "0" Recommended Mark 
Feels like I could go to the +1 easily might be even a little better at that point. 
Great ski, very poppy feeling, quick from side to side, very easy ski to ski on very "forgiving", Pivots on the spot can do helicopter spins 360,s anywhere. 
You just turn your hips and knees and pivot smear your turns is what this ski is made for, If you like to carve down the hill buy something else although it holds its own but not a full blown carver, Floats well for a 220 lb heavy weight , some tip flap but cannot feel it. 
Other skies I own are the Rossi s7 , Rossi s3, and the Rossi, 
83 experience. Switched between the s7 and the One today and couldn't wait to get back on the One 
The Volkl One is by far the funnest ski hands down. 







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Both are good skis. Only difference between years is the top sheet and the old ones are simply better. I got the Two for 400 and am very pleased with it. I mounted it at +1 and use it whenever it's soft, which means 90% off piste. For the 10% on piste it will carve, blast bumps and so on as long as it's soft. My carving isn't Lara Gut, but on Japanese piste it was fast and fun.

If you try the same on rock hard Italian artificial snow it gets sketchy, particularly if you try and combine speed and bumps as the 30cm edge plus 124mm width mean your only option is to crash, straight line or survival hockey stop. A better approach is to keep forward and aggressively short turn, but this loses appeal after a while. They did get lots of attention in the gondola line though as few people at Madonna de Campiglio turn up with huge banana shaped double width orange skis ;-)
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