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Vermont next week?

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Hi all. I live in Maryland and will be at my parents in MA next week - 3/21. I had been hoping to get some skiing in Monday and Tuesday somewhere in Vermont. With the recent very warm weather I'm wondering if it will be worth it at all. I'm assuming the further north I go would be better, so I'm thinking maybe Sugarbush or Stowe. I'd appreciate any feedback about current conditions and what to expect next week. Thanks! 

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Was at sugarbush yesterday. Was fun but definitely slushy spring conditions. Grass and dirt under the lifts but trails themselves mostly covered. Rocked some old vintage skis and had fun. Depends on what you are looking for but, at least yesterday, there was enough coverage to get a few turns in and enjoy the day.
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Skied the last two days at Killington.  Monday was below freezing with a wintry mix - snow sleet and freezing rain.  Today was warmer (30s) so the snow softened and surfaces much better.  Base is definitely thin in many areas and bare spots here and there.  Bring your gear as there will be skiing.  

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Was at Sugarbush over the weekend and had a great time. Would think you would be ok anywhere that blew snow when they were able to. Wouldn't count on any natural snow trails, but as long as the temps cooperate, and you like spring conditions, you should have a good time.

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Thanks, for your thoughts. I think we'll give it a go. 

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