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Knee laceration recovery

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Hi guys/gals,

My wife and I have been living in Whistler since last September to try and work as little as possible and ski as much as possible. This is our first season of living at a resort, we've only been casual once or twice a year weekend skiers before this.

Last Thursday I was demoing some K2 189cm Pettitors with a friend doing a bunch of tree runs in some really decent pow and it was probably some of the best runs of my life. Really having a great time. Long story short, at one point I felt like I'd overstepped my confidence and deliberately stacked it so I didn't head into a tree section out of control. I got half buried in the snow with my knees sticking up and my snowboarder friend who I didn't realize was so close above me then tried to pop over me, but instead rode his edge over my left knee that was sticking up. The crash was completely my fault. The cut is about 8cm across my kneecap, went all the way to the bone and somehow miraculously missed all patella tendon and everything else important. Basically it's a flesh wound. 
I didn't realise it was bad and was going to keep skiing until he pointed out there was blood on my boot. I lifted up my trousers and he caught sight of my kneecap. Scared the crap out of him hahahahhaa.

Anyways, surgery was last Friday morning and now I'm wearing a knee-brace to keep my leg straight. There's so much snow falling at the moment so it's disappointing not to be out there, but I really am lucky.

Anybody else recovered from a gash like this? Any idea on time frame? Apparently I'll have the stitches out in 10 days, but I feel like I will have lost a lot of ski fitness by then. I don't want to miss out on the last good days of the season. The knee brace is hell, my foot is swelling up and my achillies is really aching. The doctor thinks I should keep the brace on till saturday to stop my knee moving and pulling the stitches, but I'm not sure I can last that long hahaha.

Cheers guys.

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My only comment would be, don't let it get infected.  Keeping it closed is a good idea.  Pay attention to whether it's red or hot or if it's weeping.  Depending, I might give it a go..but..these days, as I get older, I'd rather just let it heal.  Mountain bike season is coming..  :)

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Aaaah mountain biking, I'll be able to get myself plenty more lacerations and broken bones ;)

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Had to go back to hospital last night. The wound was mostly clean looking, but there was a bit of redness up my leg and my foot was quite swollen. Got some IV antibiotics and will be back for some more tonight.

There's next to no pain in my knee, but my Achilles is aching so badly, but the doctors don't have much to say about it.
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Possibly you injured the Achiles when you bent the leg? Did they image it?
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Hi guys,

Il going to update this thread for the benefit of anyone else who may have similar issues. The pain is actually up from my Achilles and in my calf and has got to absolutely agonising. Had an ultrasound today and finally got some answers. Looks like I have haematoma from the surgery. The ultrasound was to check for a possible blood clot.
Now I just have to wait and see if they'll clear on their own or whether I will need surgery.
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