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Best Wasatch bet for Mon-Tues

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Looking for advice from SLC locals,

Winter storm warning for the Wasatch - potentially one to three feet - starting Sun night through Tuesday. Bad news is winds gusting to 50 mph but we can live with that.

We are staying in PC but the forecast for the Wasatch back is for less than half of that for LCC/BCC. We have a car (AWD Santa Fe) - will we be allowed up either of the Cottonwood Canyon roads if we want to ski there? The northern Wasatch is also favored - would Pow Mo or Snowbasin be a better bet?

Understand this is a pretty nice dilemma to be in . . .
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Predictions say snow beginning early Mon. morning and then through Tues. If PC gets a certain amount, Alta/Snowbird will get twice that or more. I don't know how wind affects Little Cottonwood, but at PC the lifts will go on wind hold long before 50mph.
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I'm debating the same scenario.  I'm trying to choose which day to take off of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  Snowbird will probably be the place, but I've still got three Deer Valley days left on my pass, so that's in the realm of possibility.


Storm ride Snowbird, wait for closures to open at Snowbird, or head over and get away from the crowds at Deer Valley?  It's a hard, hard life.

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so much depends on how long you ski when you are there. I can only do 3hrs charging at Snowbird, then I go home and hit it again on the next good day. This is what I'd do


1 Day - Tues

2 Days - Tues/Wed


Tomorrow morning there's only going to be ~4" at lift open, but it should snow hard all day. I have to leave at 2 to pick kids up at school.:cool


The only other issues are obviously road closures, and possible lifts closed due to wind on Monday. YMMV.

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Skied Snowbird today - had 4" or so of new snow on the ground when we got there at 0900. Snow continued throughout the day and was quite heavy at times but the wind was much more of a problem than visibility. The tram was shut down for part of the day and the Mineral Basin lifts closed by late morning due to the wind.


Not sure how much more snow will fall in LCC - there was probably 10-12" inches on the ground when we left at ~1600 but it was still coming down, though lightly at that point. The lower canyon had very little accumulation and there was nothing significant on the ground when we got back to PC, though it looks like the ski areas are seeing some light snow.


All in all, a decent if not spectacular day.

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