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Marker Tour F10

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Just bought my favorite demo skis (Icelantic Maiden 162) this year for a steal, looking to mount a "light" frame binding namely the Marker Tour F10, however, I'm having a tough time finding a small and I'd likely have to buy the wider brake separately.Can I assume this is a good product if they are essentially sold out? Are there other bindings I'm overlooking?


Anyway, I have other skis one with traditional downhill bindings and another with Dynafits. Should I just mount the Dynafits to my "new" skis and call it a day? I will be using these a lot at the resort but also for touring. I'm in the beginning stages of my touring career and not getting out a ton. Additionally, I'm a solid advanced to expert skier (no cliff jumping or big air, but do like bumps) and am a petite 30 year old woman. 


So to sum it up should I pursue the Marker Tour F10, look for another frame binding, or just mount my Dynafits?


Appreciate any advice.

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I just got the same bindings mounted on Fischer Hannibal 100 skis and tried them out at the resort for the first time yesterday. Only did a half dozen runs on them, but I didn't feel any problems. As far as frame bindings go, it's definitely light. Your Dynafits would most likely be lighter. If you're planning on using them at the resort, the Tour F10 are probably a better binding to use.


I'm new to touring, literally just got my setup, and haven't done any touring ever, yet. So as a disclaimer, take my post with a grain of salt.

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Thanks. Was able to find a pair of Marker F10 small at my local ski shop for a good price. Will try it out and see what I think.
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