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Bunion problem

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I have a rather substantial bunion on my left foot.  I'm in a last year's model Lange RX130.  It has been punched substantially so that there appears to be enough room, but I'm still getting pressure, which I assume is from pushing against the boot with the bunion when I ski.  Any suggestions as to what else I can do?  I have considered a bit of zeppa grind under the bunion, but this seems drastic and I'd rather consider reversible suggestions.

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do you feel the pressure with only the liner on?  you might need that stretched too?

grinding the boot board is not a big deal. go slow,  and fill it back in with glue is needed?

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perhaps the punch does not line up with your bunion, or the punch is not the correct size or shape? kind of a random approach to grind the zeppa, as it is not anywhere near the actual bunion? in most cases the bunion is lateral to the foot or slightly on top of the foot...


post a picture of your bunion and a picture of the shell where they punched...



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Here ya go
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Sorry for the multiple posts. I'm using a zipfit so don't think there's much to stretch
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just as i thought... the punch is not big enough for the bunion. it is not helpful that your boot fitter has ground the area after the punch. it makes it more difficult to make a bigger smoother punch.


also while your at it, there should be a pocket punched at the bunionette on your 5th met head.


do you have a footbed in the boot?


is your ankle range of motion normal, low, or high?


how is the fit in the rear of the boot? i.e. - heel hold down? 


is the black toe nail due to your ski boots?



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Thanks for the info. I do have a footbed and the heel hold is good. The toe is from a day in December when I experimented with the boot loosely buckled.
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Oh and my ankle ROM Is low
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So I'm in Big Sky. I've been having punches done at Lone Mountain Sports. I noticed a Bozeman shop that does full toe box molds - PhD Skis. Any suggestions?
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Do not grind the bootboard under the zeppa.  Proceed as Jim advised and everything should work.  

Don't know anything about the guys downtown but the guys at Lone Mountain are pretty good and should be able to help.



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Thanks guys. Had it repunched and all seems good so far.
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So I've got plenty of room but I'm now pressing my bunionette into the side of the boot. Seems to me I read somewhere this is due to overpronation. Is this true and is there a corrective?
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I thought I would bother you all again. Plenty of room side to side after a lot of punching but I'm still pressuring that bunionette against the side of the boot. Medial heel wedges have solved the problem. Is this considered a reasonable fix or is it a problem given I'm already using custom footbeds?
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ok so did you have the shell stretched as Jim suggested for the tailors bunion too?, if you did then the first thing i would look at would be the it controlling enough pronation BUT if you didn't have the shell punched do that first

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Had the shell punched and there is clearly room. It's clearly a movement issue with my foot pressing outward. I had this problem for years with different boots. Moving to a Fischer Somatech helped somewhat but the wedges do it the best. I'm just wonder if there is a better more "natural" way to solve the problem. I have footbeds that were made by Superior Ski in Snowbird - DFP Podiums. Unfortunately u can't get back there this year or next.
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