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Snowbird, UT March 12, 2016 with BobMc

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BobMc and friends showed Vince and I some Utah hospitality guiding us around Snowbird for a while today.  Conditions weren't bad considering not much new snow here in recent weeks.  Snowbird always picks up a few inches now and then and preserves it well.  Here are some photos I snapped, these could be better if I cropped and fixed them, but don't have my laptop with me this trip.

TeleTravis, very photogenic today on a trail called Macaroni


Bob same spot




Somewhere over in Peruvian side









L-R:  Bob, Mike, Travis and Vince

Using a little cheat to catch the bottom 2/3rds of Great Scott


bob and travis, can't figure out how to rotate this pic

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Nice sequence of Travis in Great Scott, this guy could rip:









First time I ever skied any part of Great Scott in six days lifetime at Snowbird.

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What's all that white stuff on the ground?

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More pics from Snowbird, Mar 13 and 14.

Snowshoeing with my wife on Summer Road above Alta late on the 12th 

We poked our head into the Alta Lodge and I saw this pic of one of the all time great father and son ski teams:

Vince giving me a tour of Lower Cirque on the 13th at Snowbird:


Mineral Basin had low viz for much of my recent visit, but not this moment.

Vince's friend Mr. M dropping into a tight chute near Great Scott on the 13th.


Mr. M;  IIRC that chute he skied is just to the right of the trees on left in this photo.

On the 14th we got an early start and Snowbird had about 6" new overnight snow and it skied great in the Gad 2 area.

Run of the day was Tiger Tail, sort of a side country area off Gad 2 chair, not that many tracks yet in there when we headed in:


Hero snow.



I had to leave the ski area around 1230pm to catch a flight home.  It was thunder snowing by then.  They were supposed to get another foot over the next day.

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Nice shots!


Snowbird is a really great place to ski. I look forward to returning some day soon.

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Utah and Wyoming resorts got a good snow pounding this week.  Looks like good coverage even before the recent snowfall.

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Snowbird's Bookmark Gully was chest deep (I'm 5'9") today for the first 2 runs. Was a sick morning of laps.

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Vince got some shots of me last Monday, this is before the biggest part of the dump.

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Vince and Jim, you guys are looking good! Great TR

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Awesome pics! I'm headed there in early April for the first time. I love the trees, had heard good things about Tiger Tail area, now I've seen them. Can't wait.
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Bob and Travis properly aligned on Peruvian Chair.

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