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2015 RTM 80 or 2016 RTM 77

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I am looking to buy a new pair of skis for upcoming season, and think I have narrowed down to 2015 RTM 80 or the 2016 RTM 77.  I know these will likely ski differently due to the full rocker in 2015 and more traditional camber in 2016.


I am an intermediate/advanced skier currently still on beginner skis (rossi experience 74).  I am looking for something to help progress my sking.  My preference is for something that is easier to initiate turn to help ease transition from beginner ski.  Typically I to short/medium turns.  Not a really fast/agressive skier, but not really slow either (likely average).


I am 5' 9", 150 and typically ski on hardpack or icy groomed snow (Ontario), but plan to take annual trips to Colorado.


Both pairs of skis are the same price, so that is not a factor here.


Thoughts, recommendations?

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Or, another option I found tonight... 2016 RTM 75 IS for $150 cheaper than either of the other RTM options mentioned above.

For Intermediate/Advanced, one store recommended the 78, the other store 75 IS.

I don't mind something being a bit easier to start with, as long as it won't hinder my progression.
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If your intent is to learn to carve, I'd recommend against full rocker.  And full rocker is not going to help you on ice.  I would actually recommend you go a bit wider for more versatility.  Head has three options:  iSupershape Titan, 80mm, Strong Instinct Ti, 83mm and Monster 83, 83mm.  I've skied the first two and own the second one and I also own an 84mm ski, Nordica Fire Arrow 84EDT.  The reason I own both is that the Nordica is basically a fat race ski and demands I always have my "A" game engaged when I take them out.  They are amazing skis and outrageously fun, when I really want to concentrate.  Sometimes I don't feel like doing that and that's why I have the Strong Instinct Ti.  It is not as stiff as the Nordica, has a rounded slightly upturned tail, rocker tip, wider tip and tail, shorter turn radius.  The Nordica is a handful in bumps and not a lot of fun in more than about 6" of powder, but it has no speed limit that I've been able to find.  The Head is not going to feel very stable after probably 50mph, but it's an order of magnitude better in the bumps, handles 6-8" of powder easily, very quick edge to edge and weighs a lot less than the Nordica.  It's fun in a lot of different conditions where the Nordica is not.  Head claims it's for advanced skiers, but that's nonsense.  A ski for advanced skiers is not this easy to ski.  The nice thing about it is that the better the input from the skier the better the ski responds.  I'm 5'7", 150 pounds and ski the 170.  The iSupershape Titan is also a great ski but is for a bit more advanced skier than the Strong Instinct Ti.  It's stiffer but will hold better on ice.  I've skied it in the trees at Big Sky and was pretty impressed with how well it handled.  I haven't skied the Monster 83 but have skied the Monster 88 and liked it.


I would caution you against getting a ski that's only for slightly more advanced skiers because you'll just outgrow it faster.  Get something that's a decent step up from what you have so that as your skill improves, the ski will respond better.  That's why I like the Strong Instinct Ti, its skinnier sibling the Supreme Instinct Ti and the iSupershape series.  See if you can demo one of these, but don't bother with the Natural Instinct or Raw Instinct.

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Thanks mtcyclist, that helps.


The store I was at this afternoon actually recommended the Strong Instinct as well, but unfortunately didn't have my size.  But I will watch for that from other stores.


Good feedback on the slight step of from beginner.  This makes me lean against the RTM75 I mentioned earlier.

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I was looking at Volkl's website, and for '16 they do not list a 77 waist RTM, there are two 75's, one being the IS. Volkl does a poor job of explaining the difference between the 75's, but, both should serve your needs in Ontario. You seem to be budget conscious, not a bad thing at all, but, when giving advice on skis, there is a reality check about what is your budget. Personally, I would consider a Volkl 75 for the east and your ski needs if it meets your budget. There are a lot of great deals available in the east due to the poor ski season. Sometimes, the best thing is to check out what is available and not ask the open question. There are so many choices out there.

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Thanks for all the advice. I think I am going to go with the Head Strong Instinct (only $419). I had a couple stores recommend these (and mtcyclist above), and they end up the cheapest option I looked at.

Unfortunately will have to wait till next year to try them out. No snow left here in Ontario frown.gif
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What size are you getting?
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I ended I choosing the 163 length. I know many will say I should get 170, but after coming from 156, I was worried to jump up too much longer.

Thanks again for the advice. I am sure I will enjoy them.
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BAD IDEA. You will outgrow that length well before the season ends. You need to get the 170 and then take a couple of lessons with a good instructor. Seriously, you're wasting your money.
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After your comment and a bit more research I called the store and switched to 170.  Most length charts put me in between 163 and 170, so probably better to round up.


Might take some getting used to, but hopefully will allow me to progress further without buying new skis in a couple years.



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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

BAD IDEA. You will outgrow that length well before the season ends. You need to get the 170 and then take a couple of lessons with a good instructor. Seriously, you're wasting your money.

You'll be glad you listen to this guy ^.


Take a couple lesson when you get on this next season.

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