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Sonny Bono

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This is not a joke about Mr. Bono's death, there's really nothing funny about that.

But my wife and I were sitting around watching TV when a story about Bono's death came on.

"I didn't know he died at Heavenly", my wife commented.

"Me neither." I said.

"Where did that Kennedy guy die skiing?" Was her next question.

"Not sure, I think Vail or Beaver."

Without missing a beat or cracking a smile, she replied, "Huh, it was a Kennedy, so probably Beaver."

She is a terrible woman! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I heard Senator Kennedy got an anonymous telegram that said:

StOp LoGgInG nOw, oR wE wIlL kIlL oNe oF yOu EaCh wEeK.

SiGnEd, tHe TrEeS
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