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PSIA Alpine technical manual

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Another thread mentioned the PSIA Alpine Technical manual, and I'd be very interested in buying and reading it. Unfortunately, it seems that I must be a member of PSIA to purchase any of the materials. Maybe I am mistaken. Is it possible for one who is not a member of the PSIA to purchase the Alpine Tech Manual or any other materials?
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There are non-member prices on the manuals, but you can't order online. Try calling or emailing the above.


The 2015 Alpine Technical Manual  comes in digital, print or digital+print versions. the non-member price for the print or digital only versions is $39.95. Print+digital is $44.95 for non-members. 

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Thank you for your reply. The link you provided required a login. It seems that most of the links related to PSIA educational resources require a login, so I was unable to find the non-member pricing. Of course, I could have been just looking in the wrong place. Either way, thank you for your help.
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You can't order (or access) online if you're not a member. Try calling or emailing.

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Thank you. I'm sorry that I didn't indicate in my reply that I understood that I had to call or email.
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I'm PSIA certified, I bought an Alpine Technical Manual, and I found absolutely nothing of value in it for either skiing nor instructing.  It is only good for finding answers for a cert test.  It obviously was written by a committee, and it was hopelessly vague.  Save your money.

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I would like to add my two cents on the most recent Tech. Manual. I find it extremely well written and chock full of useful info. I have read it numerous times and get more out of it each time. In my opinion it is one of the better Technical Manuals that PSIA has produced. I have used at least 5 different manuals over the years. For what its worth I am a L3 of 20 years.

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You can also usually find the ATM on Amazon. Last I looked, there weren't any of the latest edition (which came out this year) wasn't available, but the last edition (which is almost completely the same) was. 


Oddly enough, they were more expensive used on Amazon than the nonmember price new through PSIA.


I do echo the sentiment that it is not really a necessary read. Even most PSIA members don't own it. A few people  at the ski school who are going for a certification exam in the same year will often go in to buy one to share, and then it gets loaned out repeatedly. I'm borrowing an ATM from my supervisor for my cert exam that I'm taking in 2 weeks. I never had any interest in purchasing one. 

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The ATM has a lot of great info in it BUT...


...the ATM is not a standalone guide that one can use to learn how to teach skiing.  I believe the PSIA expects the ATM to accompany on mountain and in classroom training for ski instructors.  It is a reference that gives some further explanation to the core competencies developed in instructor training.


The is not a teaching guide, nor is it a repository of skiing technique or instructing technique.  If you buy the manual thinking that is what you are getting you will be very disappointed.


In my opinion the ATM helps orient/shape the instructor's frame of reference, from a technical standpoint, as they approach teaching.



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