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Terrible Quad Burn with New Boots Dalbello Panterra 100

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I posted in another general forum, got some good feedback, but seems like this forum is the one for boot discussion..


I just purchased new boots this year from a custom boot fitter, and I'm not happy. I'm set up to go back in to them this week, but wanted some advice. I purchased these boots and had them "custom fitted", but I get crazy quad burn when I ski after even just 1 run down the mountain. I have been really frustrated and thought it was me (bad conditioning/Technique/age). I have had other people tell me its probably too much "forward lean" in the boot driving my knees forward, thus putting too much stress on Quads (friends and random dude on slopes at Steamboat). Shop owner (boot fitter) says that is not true.....


I totally get my knees should be bent while skiing, but even when I'm standing in this boot it seems like my knees are being forced forward (the back of boot digs into my calves otherwise), and feel stress tension on quads even standing....Already the boot fitter is saying things like "well you probably never had a high performance boot before", and " your knees should be bent while skiing that is after all proper form", and "I dont know what we can do for you".  At any rate yesterday I hit up some Demo ski at my local mountain and sure enough first run, Quads were burning up...I took off new boots threw them in the Jeep and then rented a crappy pair of ($25) boots; then I skied my ass off the entire day with 2 great skis (Rossi 100E and Monster 88);  In the new boots I was lucky to get 2 hours in then my quads burnt out so fast......So it is not my  imagination, or my conditioning, or form.  I'm super pissed that a boot fitter would watch me walk around the shop with my knees flexed so far forward and let me drop $500 and walk out? I truly did not notice in the shop and it was not until i tried skiing in them did this issue really present itself.....


The weird thing is that the Dalbello Panterra 100  is supposed to be more of a neutral position with not much forward lean (or so I have read with recent trends in boots), so what gives? 


I have heard that quad burn means I'm in the back seat, but if the boot feels like they are driving knees forward that does not make sense?


I don't have much time to get this figured out before the season is over here in Balmy PA (currently 80F)


Im 5'9" 200lbs

42 years old

~25 years of skiing (10 year break; recently got back into it)


Any thoughts?

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Large calf muscles?


What size feet in centimeters please?


Too much forward lean will definitely make your quads burn---find a different boot fitter:cool


Too much forward lean and big calves will pile it on:madouch!


Your knees should not be pushed ahead of the boot toes---use a square to see if they are?



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26cm. I would say that I do have large calves. 

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