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Looking for new helmet.

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Seeking a new skiing/snowboarding helmet for keeping in touch on the slopes. Must include interface to let me view my texts/calls/emails and maybe even the weather for my location. Pretty much want a way to connect to my phone without needing to take it out all the time. Also looking for the helmet to be decent to look at, and comfortable to wear...even if it has all the other features I won't use it if its not comfortable.

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I have a Smith Vantage helmet, which is audio capable.  For an interface, I use the wired version of Outdoor Technology's "Chips," which cost about $40.  I believe the wireless Bluetooth version is about $100, or maybe it $100 more than the wired version... can't remember.  I simply unzip the inside liner which runs across the back of my helmet and insert the chips.  There is some nice foam padding that they go behind, so it's very comfortable and I don't even know they're there.  


To pause/resume my music, answer or end a phone call, all I do is press on the chip next to my right ear.  It doesn't require me to stop skiing or take a glove off.  Just press against it.  It makes a little "click."  There is also a little gizmo on the cord that has the microphone, a volume wheel, a clip for attaching it to my jacket and another little silver button which accomplishes the same things as pressing on my right ear chip.  I have an Android phone, so for sending or listening to texts or making phone calls, I say, "OK Google," followed by "text John Doe," or "call John Doe."  My phone will also read my texts to me.  The capabilities are only limited by what your phone can do or your own imagination, I suppose.  I would imagine the same thing can be accomplished by talking to Siri on an iPhone.


Here's Outdoor Tech's website.  I picked my "Chips" up at one of my local ski shops.


I'll try to embed some photos.





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