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So I recently picked up a cheap pair of used Dynastar Venus skis with C-Cube bindings for my girlfriend to replace her super old straight skis and move her into the 21st century. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to check/adjust forward pressure to make sure they're properly adjusted to her boots. I tried reading the product manual online, but found it to be very non-helpful as it just says, "Yellow forward pressure indicator should be in front half of window" without any mention of where the indicator is or how to adjust it.  The only obvious adjustments I see are for DIN.


I've had no problems adjusting my Marker bindings in the past (very simple with getting the screw flush) and I understand how forward pressure works, I just don't see where to adjust it on these bindings. Pics below. I know common binding advice is to just take it to the shop, but I get a certain enjoyment out of working on my own stuff and the nearest shop (that I like to do business with) is about 40 minutes away. If I can't figure it out I'll take it to the shop, and will probably have them verify its right even if I do figure things out, but I prefer to at least have a working knowledge of the tools we're skiing on.



Side View Boot Out (that bit of yellow looks like it could be it, but I don't see anything that could be adjusted to the "front half" after I put the boot in.


Side view boot in


Another angle trying to see around the brake (tough since its right in front of the only "window" like object I see.





Rear View Boot Out



Rear View Boot In (doesn't seem to move that yellow piece in there.