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Delamination repair

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Looked at my trainer slaloms at the end of the day yesterday and discovered they were delaminating on one the sides. These are Atomic FIS D2 158 and they are coming apart where the the cap cover meets the metal edge in front of the binding. Can't say I did anything abnormal to them or hit anything. They are probably about 5 years old and haven't gotten that much use. I'm sure they're WAY beyond any warranty claim.


Has anyone had any luck trying to epoxy a delamination like this back together? I understand the principle-glue and clamps, but am I wasting my time? Any recommendations as to a brand of epoxy? I've used WEST System in wooden boat work with decent success, but am open to any suggestions. I'd rather not turn them into wall decorations if I can get more use out of them (no, they won't be used for any races)

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The delam is a common occurrence in the adult and Jr slaloms and gs. It is easily repairable, but you may end up railed in the tip. Either a stone grind or some generous base edge bevel will make them skiable again. Your west epoxy is great resin to use, I use it regularly for large repairs.

Another opportunity for some shameless self promotion - my how to repair vid. Cheers
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Thanks for the encouragement! I'd already watched your video and it was helpful. I'll glue 'em up and see how they ski. Like I posted, they're a second pair now and I'm having fun free skiing on them-especially this winter with the "challenging" conditions.

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I glued them with West System G/Flex epoxy. The repair looks good, but we'll see how they hold up in use-I'm going to try them tomorrow while we still have snow. There is a high spot in the base, but I'll wait to see if they hold together before I get them ground or I'll just ski the other edge.

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Three days of skiing the repaired skis on morning frozen groomed and soft bumps in the afternoon and they are staying together. I'm not using the repaired edge inside, but they ski fine and run flat. So far worth the investment in good epoxy (and I've got 98% left for other projects).

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