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Lack of Edge Grip

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I picked up a pair of 2015 Icelantic Shaman SKNY before the season started.  Initially they didn't have much edge grip.  I took them to a trusted shop and had them ground flat and I finished the edge by hand with a 1 degree base and 2 degree side bevel.  When I took them back out on the snow the left ski (based only on the graphics) well but there no edge grip on the right ski.  I tried switching skis and the problem followed the ski and didn't vary by which edge was inside or out.  I brought them home and went over edges again believing that I may have messed something up but it did not help.  I took them back to the shop to see what their thoughts were.  They are flat  so they cut the side wall back and went over the edges again.  There was no change when I skied them again.  Could there be something structurally wrong with the ski that is causing the problem?

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Why didn't you let the shop set the base and edge angles ?


The machine will do it right.


Having said that. not all shop tunes are perfect, that's why some of us do are own tuning.



If your not sure of what your doing, let the Pro do it.


I'm no expert on those skis, but how do they rate for edge grip in the reviews ?

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Why didn't I let the shop do it?  Well I am more than capable of tuning a ski and have been for years including 10 years working in a shop.  I prefer the results I get by hand compared to those produced by machines.  When I skied them at SIA they were fine so the edge grip is not a design issue.  I suspect there is something off in the construction of the one ski but that's not something I've experienced before.

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OK that's info I didn't know.


If you have been tuning for that long, it must be the skis.


How many day's on the skis ?


Were those skis known to have good edge say a Volkl or one of the brands known to have great edge hold.


Just see a lot of Volkl's here in the east, there's a reason for that.

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Not even a full day because of the way they ski. I've spent most of the season on my Volkl 90Eights
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Oh so they are new skis ?


I think your beginning to understand why we say demo, demo, demo before you buy skis.


I have demoed some of the Indy skis, I found some of them to be, not to my liking. But then again. I'm a Volkl guy. There's a reason for that.

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He demoed them at SIA.
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Ok, so what kind of snow surface did you ski them on ?


Sorry, I don't recall what SIA stands for, I'm old forgive me.


Check out the hard snow number's. 3.10 out of 5...does that say anything to you.

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So you checked the base flatness tip to tail, yes?

Did you check for twist?

Did you check for camber weirdness (against a very flat surface, comparing to the known good ski)?


With a pair of vise grips, a known load (say sand in a bucket), and a ruler you can also do a crude torsion check.

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can the bindings be mounted off somehow? perhaps worth checking both skis are mounted in the middle in both planes

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Bindings are mounted correctly but they are going back to Icelantic tomorrow.
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