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Possible to restore routed heel and toe lugs to DIN?

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  Edit. I think ISO 5355 is what I'm referring to, not DIN.


  First some background. I’ve been skiing the Nordica Patron Pro boot for a few years with the left boot’s sole planed to 2.5 degrees, fat side out. By adding 3 or 4 more layers of duct tape to the outside of my bindings I felt totally dialed in. That puts me at around 3 degrees of canting.


Recently I picked up some new Nordica GPX 130’s. This boot seemed perfect for me with the ½ inch higher cuff than the Patrons, more toe room and easy on and off plastic molded into the instep. I had them fitted with 3 degree Cantology wedges and of course the toe top and heel top routed. I thought I had it all figured out. Once I hit the snow I knew something was very wrong.


It seems like the edge on my left ski wants to push away from me and doesn’t want to engage. unless I focus super hard on rolling the leg inward. My ankle feels like it’s way too far to the inside and down. I think the issue is that the new boots have a substantially deeper inside ankle pocket allowing me to roll the ankle inward much more than I could in the old boots.


I went back to the fine shop that did the work for me and they put me up on the platform and checked my alignment. They say that the 3 degree cant is spot on. So, I’m a bit confused. To me the real test is how things feel on the snow and honestly my setup feels almost unskiable.


 I asked the shop if it was possible to build the toe and heel lug tops back up to ISO 5355 with epoxy or whatever in order to start from scratch but they didn’t think it was doable. Removing the Cantology wedge is not an issue.


So, I’m wondering if I’m SOL or are there any techs out there who have the expertise and willingness to restore the routed lug tops. I realize that a job like this is not guaranteed to last forever and may need to be redone occasionally. Any other thoughts or suggestions regarding my dilemma are greatly appreciated. 



Thanks so much for your time.


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yes, easy fix to restore the boot sole. you can add sole cant, subtract sole cant, eliminate sole cant. any shop worth their salt can figure out how to get it done.



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Thanks for the reply Jim.  


Yes, the Cantology boot sole cant can be removed easily. I'm not concerned about the sole though. It's the routed top of the lugs that I'm not sure what to do about. 


Thanks again.

- Mut

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to put it bluntly, i think what Jim is saying is it is time to change shops!


i can think of 3 different ways which they could do what is required


1 removing the cantology shim and a flexible urethane glue build up

2 removing the cantology shim and replacing with a flat shim same thickness as the thick side or even flipping another 3 degree shim over and    putting them together then routing off the lugs to level

3 removing the cantology shim and adding world cup stainless steel shims to the lugs having cut them back to ISO - 3mm


so, not all is lost, you just need to figure out what needs to be done BEFORE it gets done as one recovery is simple, the next one might not be quite so

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   That's some great information. Just what I was hoping for. 

Thank you very much.


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son't remember who but if you PM me I'll find out, there is a company making metal inserts that can be added to the top of routed lugs both heel and toe.  We have some and other shops should as well.  If not you can order from us or almost certainly buy online.



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Thanks Lou.

Looks like these guys carry the metal inserts.


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