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Ski Review: Kastle RX

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I recently skied a pair of Kastle RX's.

These skis are not for the faint hearted.

They go really well but then you might want to turn or stop.

That requires technique that not many people are able to master.

Buyer beware........

They do reveal Nubs Nob as the bump it is.

To prove I am not completely insane I put some good bindings on them and only ski them when I am with a fully equipped ski patrol member.

Kastle National Team RX Super G skis in 208.

Vintage 1985.

Thinking about trying to organize a vintage NASTAR race at Nubs,

No skis with less than 50m radius need apply.

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I think you got the lighter alloy ones.  Here is the heavy duty model from a year or two earlier.

I have skied these in all conditions on all types of slopes.  They were my one ski quiver for quite a few years.   They were really good at carving high speed long radius turns, not much good at sideways skiing.   About 10 or so years ago, I decided I needed to branch out and got the Fischer WC SCs.  What a difference.  I still haven't found anything that is as good at skiing fast while still being able to turn when needed as the old SGs though.  Mind you I don't get to demo a lot of race skis.








EDIT: Race must be Chinese Downhill.

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Nice. I really wanted a pair of those back in the day. I actually ordered a pair of 212s back in 1987, but I was late and they were out of stock for the season. IIRC, the 1987 skis were silver like the ones in the first post, but didn't have all the red on the tail. Maybe just a bit of red & blue somewhere on the ski?

I also had a pair of Kastle DH boards with the hole in the tip. Bought them used around 1991 or so, but I think they were that same late-eighties era.
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