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Spring structure

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I've been to 2 local shops in Central Maine to inquire about spring structure only to be turned down both times.  Seems as though the wintersteiger machine is a real pain to "retool."  Any advice?  Thanks

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It is just that when they restructure the grinding wheel it takes quite a bit of life out of it.

Then they take more when they dress it again to get back to a more moderate structure.

Spring structures work for sure, when its really cold you don't need any structure just good anti static wax.

You need to find a race shop that is running spring structures in the spring not one size fits all structures all the time.


Bears know!

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Sib,  I spotted this tool a little while ago online.  Normally I would go and buy this tool but  I've grown to like some of the guys at some of the local shops.  Its nice to chew the fat with and spread a little $ around.  Especially, since this has been a poor season.   I've narrowed my corn season down to a  98 Watea, I cant see getting another fattie ski for quite some time.  Especially after seasons like this one. 

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That's fine as long as they will do what you ask. But if they won't do it, then you can do it yourself. Tell them to order it for you if you're just dying to give them money.
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