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From skiing to pedaling: How do you transition?

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Now that March has set in I'm tempted to tune the mountain bike and get in a few early season rides, but I'm worried it will completely change my mindset and will ultimately result in the premature end of my ski season. If I committed to just skiing out the season for better or worse I could probably get another 10 days in, but with this warm weather my mind is drifting to other pursuits. 


Just wondering peoples' thoughts on mixing up the recreation during the spring and if sticking to the snow until the last drop is the way to go? When you DO make the switch to dirt when do you do it? Can't believe it's almost over--could use at least one more powder day!

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April 15th = inline switchover day.   Leaving it that late means I can't possibly be in decent shape before June, but I don't care anymore.   Missing the March slop is just fine.

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could use at least one more powder day!

one more? How about one at all?


Considering my love for skiing surpasses my love for mountain biking, I ski as long as the season allows. This year the bike will probably come sooner than I want it to.

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Love 'em both, although early spring mountain biking is not a great idea as most trails by us are WAY to wet to ride without causing damage.

Predicted 60's next week means I'll break out the cross bike sooner than I'd prefer, but it's all good-beats sitting on your butt!

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Every spring break, my wife and I head down to Moab for a couple weeks of mountain biking.

I love it, and it's great to get back on the bike, but it really sucks when we get home and biking season is still another month away.

I think I'd rather just ski until the skiing is done, then quit and go to the bike. Local ski hill is open until the end of May, and conditions are usually pretty good right until the end.
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I usually switch over around the beginning of April. When the temps in town consistently hit the 60s I lose interest in skiing.
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Temps have been mid 50's to 70 here. Have a couple of friends that are mostly switching over this weekend. Others have been spending way more time on their bikes instead of skis since the 2nd week of Feb. I skied until I believe the end of May or maybe the1st week in June last year. Doubt I will do it this season. Guess I will know for sure if I can exercise restraint when the A Basin pass is offered.
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I mix them up in spring time.

As others mentioned, mountain biking won't be all that good in all that mud. Road bike is my 'alternative'. But even there, sand on the shoulder and pot hole in the middle makes this less than relaxing (got nailed by pot hole last spring, broken collarbone). So I may ride a day here and a day there, but cycling doesn't REALLY start till skiing is COMPLETELY over. Usually May (though this year maybe earlier)

For me, it's white water that really compete with spring skiing. Because the ww season is so short and so frickle, I drop everything and run to the river when it's going right. But also because it's so frickle, I can't really 'get into' it anyway. So back to skiing right away. In fact, there're many weekends that I run the river on Saturday then ski Sunday! The # of cars in the base area parking lot that have WW boats on top tells me I'm far from alone.
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