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Notes From the Crypt

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Another thread, "The Jouney Continues"  got me thinking about the writing I've done for a long time.  I decided to try to find them and put them all in one place (having gone though several computers and MANY hard drives. Some of it based on what I now know is laughable. Some of it prophetic. 


As I was reading one from March of 2011 I came across something that I had forgotten and I think worth sharing.   So I started this thread so that those of you who do journal or blog can enter excepts that you find worthwhile or helpful to other skiers or instructors.   Please, please please contribute. 


So I guess I'll start with my one small entry...




March 4, 2011


"I am torn about when to begin introducing a hard edge. I think it can be worked in at a very low level…  Worked with private student who was very fearful of speed and had to give her a method to control speed without “throwing out the anchor” of the wedge. Following progression helped her a LOT as she was a completely different skier at the end of the lesson.


1)      Turn must always be round and finish toward uphill to keep speed in check  

2)       Had her begin to point inside ski more toward uphill at the end of each turn and insisted the turn shape be completed.

3)      Once comfortable I had her edge the baby toe side as well.

4)      COUNTERING. Much earlier than I had ever done with a student at this level.

5)      Stand tall to relax and release

6)      Add pole touch to signal release.


The result was that my level 1 student went from “death grip wedges” to making relaxed round, brush carved parallel turns with pole touch in about 45 minutes. "

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Nobody else have any old blog stuff they want to share?????

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In a manner of speaking, contributions to forums like Epic is group blogging and constitutes individual journaling on a member's profile where you can read everything that one person wrote. Your journal example could easily be an Epic thread starter or post. I think it is this redundancy that may be what is throwing people off while considering to respond.


I do think it is a great idea to examine how our understanding of skiing, teaching and learning has evolved with the times. This is especially relevant with the sport of skiing that evolves with the speed of fashion but, thankfully, without the retro comebacks. I am still patiently holding on to my bell-bottom pants so I don't have to buy more when they come back in fashion.

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I did write the original entry as part of a blog, and just came across this as an illustration of one of my thoughts from 5 years ago.  In light of my intent I should probably dig up and post something I wrote a long time ago that I'd laugh at today. 


I was just wondering if anyone else had a written "blast from the past" that they either was a "wow" moment or a "what was I thinking?" moment.   I'm sure I'll find one of the latter as I search through my archives. 

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