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Back from Arabba

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In short: skied 5 days.

First day, sunny and around 32F. Skied in Arabba Porta Vescovo towards Passo Pordoi. Old groomed snow.

Second day, thick fog and around 32F. Skied Burz-Passo Campolongo-Corvara (on the same snow as previous day)

Third day, heavy snowfall, 32F, fog/clouds. Skied Passo Pordoi-Canazei

Fourth day, heavy snowfall, 32F, fog. Stayed around Arabba (Burz/Porta Vescovo.)

Fifth day, clear and sunny, 29-30F. Skied Arabba-Marmolada-Arabba.


The mountains are breath takingly beatiful and the different resorts that are linked together offers lots of (on piste) skiing that would take you a couple of weeks to just cover. Didn't go off piste as we had a mixed group of skiers with different abilities and the conditions most days made it impossible. On piste skiing was VERY challenging due to low viz, heavy (wet) snowfall that basically turned everything into demaninding mogul fields and lots of skiers in some places. When perfectly groomed in good viz, not that challenging. The Porta Vescovo area has the best on piste skiing of what I saw.

Marmolada is a must. But you need clear weather to appreciate it. The 12 km run from the top down to the bottom is spectacular.

Arabba has a great location within the system (best access to Marmolada means you can beat most of the crowds).

It doesn't really feel like you're in Italy ... If that's good or bad is up to your taste.

Avoid anything Sella Ronda. Suddenly you were on an incredibly crowded piste -- skiers everywhere, like a swarm of locust ... ahh, I'm on a Sella Ronda-piste. And the run next to it could be fairly quiet.

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I hope you found time to visit the war museum in the intermediate cable car station on Marmolada.


+ 1 on the long run down to Malga Ciapela.

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Didn't go to the museum (or take the ski tour). Will do that another year.👍🏼
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