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SLC 2/28-3/1

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This trip was supposed to be my annual trip with an old friend I ski with every year. We chose Colorado and bought a ticket to Denver and had no other plans. Well, plans change sometimes, as my friend developed a blood clot in his leg on a long flight back from Thailand about 3 weeks before our departure. So I reached out to some fellow bears and luckily enough they were able to ski with me and show me around. I changed my flight from Denver to SLC with no extra charge and found a cheap hotel in Murray.


Day 1 was at Snowbasin with NeedtoSki. There hadn't been any new snow in a week and they were smack in the middle of a melt/freeze cycle. Luckily for us the sun came out and softened much of the terrain. The Cirque area was still holding winter snow. I learned that Snowbasin has some really serious terrain and is an amazing mountain.


Day 2 was at Alta with NeedtoSki and unfortunately the sun never showed up and the temps dropped. Most of the mountain was pretty firm including Catherines, Devils Castle, and Wildcat. The best snow we found was High Rustler. Still pretty soft and fun. The traverse in there is pretty heinous though. Make sure you have sharp edges. A little unnerving when the narrow traverse is bullet proof and there are signs that say "cliff area" directly below you. Still it was a fun day hunting around and the groomers held up well.


Day 3 was at Park City with Cosmoliu and I wish I had remembered my video camera because this was a great day. The temps got very warm by 1030 and Cosmoliu, who loves bumps maybe more than I do, spent almost the entire day skiing slush bumps. He gave me some very valuable tips and by the end of the day I felt like I made significant progress. Thanks Cosmoliu!What I learned this day is that Park City has very nice bump runs with good shapes. As I said to Cosmoliu after one of the many bump runs we took "Me likey".


Here is a little video mainly of Day 1 although I had to take a quick snapshot of High Rustler as it was the 1st time I ever made it in there.


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Glad you had a good time, especially since it's been a while since we had a decent snowfall here in the Wasatch.  I really enjoyed the days at Snowbasin and Alta, as well as the great food and drinks that followed.


It looks like California is forecast to get hit with several much-needed storms over the next week or so, which should help deepen the Mammoth snow pack for your upcoming trip later this spring.  Take what you need for Mammoth and send the rest this way - we could use a freshen-up.

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Thanks for the report!
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Nice Trip Report. Featured on our Social pages!

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