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Warning may be offensive

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Brother Johnson is walking down the street and sees Brother Leroy so he yells to him, "Hey Brother Leroy."

"Hey Brother Johnson. How ya feel?"

Brother Johnson says "I feels good, I feels good."

Brother Leroy looks back and says, "Well, ya looks bad."

Puzzled, Brother Johnson keeps on walking down the street when he sees Brother Alphonse. "Hey, Brother Alphonse. What's up?"

"Not much, Brother Johnson, how ya feel?"

Brother Johnson says, "I feels good, I feels good."

"Well, ya looks bad," says Brother Alphonse.

Hearing this for the second time, Brother Johnson says "Maybe I better go see a doctor." So he goes to the local doctor.

"Doctor Bubba?" says Brother Johnson, "It's weird. I feels good, but I looks bad. What is it?"

Doctor Bubba says, "Just a second. Let me pull down the medicine book." The doctor reaches up to his bookshelf and pulls down a big medical book and starts to flip through it. As he flips through it he says, "Let's see... Feels good, looks good...No that's not it. Feels bad. looks bad... Nah, that's not it. Oh! Okay...Here it is. Feels good, looks bad. According to this here, you a vagina."

P.S., If this was offensive, I got it from WTFH's sister.
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Originally posted by Skidmo:
I got it from WTFH's sister.
If I had a dollar for every bloke who gave that as an explanation for a rash/strange walk, I'd be able to retire to the mountains...

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Offensive? Nah. We women have seen you men naked, too. Can you say Shrinkage? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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