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All-Mountain Jr. skis for small lightweight kids, strong skiers

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I'm looking at the end-of-season sales to find some skis for my kids for the next year. PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE SOME SKIS! 

The kids are boy, 7, and girl, 9, almost the same physical size (the girl is very petite):

girl is 4' tall,  49lbs,    boy is 3' 11 1/2" tall, 45 lbs. Both are good skiers -- they are not on any kind of a team or seasonal program, but they ski everywhere on big mountains in the East and love trees and bumps. We ski about 20 days a year. In the last two years, we went to Utah twice and loved, loved, loved it at Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton. (At Alta they are solidly level 7 in the ski school; at most other places  I feel they've outgrown ski school.)  The boy is more aggressive skier, perhaps physically stronger than his sister, and pays a lot of attention to technique, but the girl is a good skier, too.


I'd like to get something better than entry-level junior skis, and something that would work both in the East and in the West. (Realistically, we can go to Utah for a week every year and would be getting about 15 ski days in the Northeast.)  This year the kids are on skis that are already too short: boy on old Dynastar Team Legends (100cm), heavy and stiff -- great for carving, but with 66mm waist they were not so good in Utah powder :); girl on Firefly Rockets (105 cm length), she loves twin tips and 76mm waist looked better in powder, but maybe they are a bit too soft. Definitely not looking for race skis.


I think I want the size of about 120-125cm for next year, right or wrong? 130cm seems crazy long, even if they are good skiers...


The challenge is that most good Jr skis only come in longer sizes (=bigger kids), and also I don't want to end up with a ski too stiff for the kids' size.


I found these two very useful threads about kids of similar size and ability, very useful but mostly geared towards Western snow.


http://www.epicski.com/t/128546/choosing-a-jr-ski-for-montana  and  http://www.epicski.com/t/128369/big-mountain-skis-for-small-ripping-girl


Some options I looked at:


Volkl Gotama Jr/Mantra Jr -- full rocker, not good for East? perhaps too wide?

Atomic Bentchetler -- definitely too wide?


K2 Shreditor 85 - I think this is a good option? It's rocker-camber-rocker, so better for one-quiver ski? 119cm would be good? (I'm afraid 129cm might be too much for next year, although of course those would last longer...)  Or should I think East Coast and get Shreditor 75mm waist?


Atomic Century Girl II (and/or its brother Atomic Punx Jr II) -- these are a bit cheaper but seem lower-level skis? On some sites they are described as beginner-intermediate, other sites say intermediate-advanced...


Any other skis I could consider?


And if anyone has appropriate skis that their kids are outgrowing -- if you want to sell those skis to me at the end of the season, that'd be great!

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ADVICE WOULD STILL BE APPRECIATED - (and let me bump up this thread in the hopes of some replies) -


A couple more options I looked at: -Line Super Hero; -4FRNT Grom. Are these appropriate?


More importantly, please tell me -- for an all-around kids' ski (that would work both East and West), what size waist do I look for? 

around 80-85mm okay or too wide? (Skis in 120-130 cm length, lightweight kids) 75mm okay or too narrow? Rocker/camber/rocker or plain camber ok? (don't want full rocker on those icy groomers...)


Also - for a kid who is about 122cm now, what length would be good for next year? I'm thinking 120cm is a better choice that 130cm, but the kids are good skiers, maybe I should go for longer skis?

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