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Austria, Zillertal. February 20-27, 2016

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I haven't been in forum for a while... work.. But I can't skip writing a trip report. So here is a quick one...


My oldest kid was under the question mark all winter long till the very last moment... Is he going or not. He is 6 now. We went skiing to local hills (max 50m of vertical) for a few times and he showed he can take care of himself. Then we all got ill... flu.

But we all got well againd and could go skiing.


This was our second time in Zillertall. We went there 7 years ago... It hasn't changed since then :)

The weather conditions were spring like. +10, +13 in the valley in the afternoon so we tried to go as high as possible.

The valley is 40km long (North to South). Each evening we looked for the resort with the best weather forecast and went there on the next day. Our tactics worked fine and we got sun most of the days while the overall forecast wasn't very promissing.


Now I can share my experience with kids skiing. 

1) Erik was skiing with us all day long ( we took an extra break at 10:30), but it was exhausting for him. He went to bed before 8 PM.

2) He improved very much from struggling on reds on the first day till freeriding on the last. We didn't take any lessons.

3) Energy spent playing in the snow doesn't count - its still a break for him


Here is a video of our trip:


Now some pictures...

The first day in Mayrhofen - warm even on the mountain. The snow was very heavy since it snowed during the night and was melting now. 

The next day - Hintertux glacier. Completely different - good snow conditions, not even a sign of melting. It was +13 in the valley then. Fantastic view over the mountains.

The second day got cloudy a little in the afternoon.

Coldn't skip this photo. Best toilets I have ever been...

Erik was playing in the snow while we were taking a balsam break.

The Valley in the afternoon.

The last day of skiing... Finaly some winter like conditions 

10-15 cm of fresh snow on the mountain. 


Now about costs:

Appartment with two bedrooms total 750 EUR,

Ski pass 240 EUR per person

Lunch on the mountain 17EUR (two soups + spagetti bolognese). Large beer or juice 5 EUR.


Will I return? I think I will... Because of reasonable costs and possibility to avoid bad weather. I thing I'll skip Mayrhofen next time since it is the most crowded resort. And presence of a glacier guarantees snow. 

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Thanks for sharing!  Always amazing how fast kids figure out that powder is fun.

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