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Volkl Code Speedwall S

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Bought a pair of these in a 173 after demoing them at Snowmass last year.  They are the 2014 model year so they don't have

the UVO gizmo mounted on the tips.  They are 122-74-104 from tip to tail and are listed as having slight tip and tail rocker.

Don't know how they did it but these skis really like to carve but yet are easy to slide and release.  Incredible confidence inspiring.  

Turn quick but I can also make long fast GS type turns easily.  The edge grip is sensational and being an East coaster they 

are the right tool for what I typically ski.  While in Colorado I also demoed the Rossi experience 84 and these skis were much 

less stable. Not sure if that difference can be totally because of the width of the Rossi or some other factor but the difference was

astounding.  Also I really like these Volkl in the bumps which kind of surprised me.  They let you slip some when needed which 

is a real plus in bumps.  Some day I hope to get a chance to try a fat ski but I have a feeling I better wait for some soft snow.

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How did Volkl position the Code series in relation to the RTM, who is the Code targeted at ?


~ Andy

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The Code speedwall S is targeted at the advanced to expert skier but with its relatively narrow waist is billed as a front side ski. If I am not mistaken the RTM is a wider ski with more of an all mountain orientation. I did take the code s into some slush and about 4 inches of broken snow and it was really no problem. That said I remember I used to consider my 193cm K2 fours a cheater ski and they were probably like 68 wide. I guess its all in your perspective. No doubt about it skis are getting better every year which is good because I'm not getting any younger.
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That slight tip and tail rocker is why they are good in places you wouldn't think they would be.


You should demo the Kendo someday, it may surprise you. It dose a lot of things well.

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Yeah Max I would love to try out some of the other new technology. Specifically I would like to find a wider ski that would still feel like it had a strong edge on hard pack. The code feels like I am on tracks and not surfy like the Rossi did. Maybe I just need to spend more time on a wider ski to get used to edging it on groomed stuff. All my friends( old guys like me) have switched to wide skis and love them. The widest ski I have ever owned is a K2 Apache Recon which has a 78 waist. It does OK on hardpack but is not nearly as exciting to ski as the Volkl. That said it is about ten years old so maybe it all has to do with the advances made in ski tech. Will check out the Kendo if I can.
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Yea the Recon was a good ski back then. I've been having a great time this season on my Kendo's. As I had for 4 seasons in the first Kendo. I'm currently on the 2013/2014 Kendo.

The skis have the Volkl edge hold, respond well to a talented pilot who knows how to roll the ankles.


Last Saturday at Okemo skiing with friends who have season tunes, I was commenting on how great my skis felt. One turned and said, that's what you get with a hand tune. He said his were not as good as mine.

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