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Wide Boot Help

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I am giving up on my pair of size 26.0 tecnica cochise light's after a 4 day ski trip of pain and I have been told due to the type of plastic they cannot be modified without possibly wrecking them and Id like to just resell them, I am not sure if this is a standard disclaimer or not. I can't ski for an hour without my forefeet falling asleep or my instep feeling crushed and this is with unbuckling once I hit the chair. So I am on the hunt for new boots, I am just looking for alpine boots and don't need any touring related gimmicks anymore.


Basic stats are


5'10 160lbs skied 40-50 days/yr in the past somewhat aggressively in Western Canada, this year reduced to about 5-10 days this year (kiddos now. I am not an ex racer just started skiing again 5-8 years ago.


Right foot length ~255 mm 

Right foot 117mm wide (bunionette that started from skiing)


Left foot length ~253mm 

Left foot 115mm wide


High Instep

High Arch

Narrowish heel

Bigger calves 


Any solutions out there? Can a boot like a HEAD Raptor or Lange RS be modified enough to accommodate my feet? 

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I have worked on a LOT of the cochise boot, and had no issue making them wider?   might want to talk to another shop in your area?  (I'm in banff, and Lou from this site is in calgary)


some of the scarpa boots are very wide to start with as well?  just make sure your heel is held back and in place with a bigger/wider boot.

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