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Beginner help buying skis - looking at an AT set up!

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Hey everyone!


New skier here and I made this account to specifically ask the experts because as I start doing more research into gear buying I'm realizing how complicated it is.


Background: I started skiing cross country last year and started alpine this year. I'm hooked! I've primarily been a runner/snowshoer in the winter but this whole skiing business is a ton of fun. My brother has also gotten into it in a big way and just bought his own set up this year. Next season we're going to buy season passes so I expect a lot of downhill resort skiing.


That said, we both really want to move towards back country skiing and longer trips like that. I have a good ways to go, skills wise, before I start doing too much back country trekking but that's the goal. The more immediate goal is to do plenty of skinning up the mountain for exercise so I'm pretty convinced I want an AT set up that will allow me to do all of this and grow in the sport.


Downhill gear seems (relatively) straightforward but as I start reading about AT gear it seems like the choices multiply exponentially.


What I'm looking for (if it exists): a solid, all around AT set up with comfy boots that will let me ski lift accessed stuff while also doing some uphill skinning and occasionally longer trips.


Concerns: are AT setups as durable for downhill? As a beginner I'm seeing all sorts of gear marketed to experts - can I ski in that? I don't mind spending the money on a solid set up that will last me years (at least a few?) while growing in the sport. I would really like to avoid buying two set ups or a beginner kit that I'll outgrow in a year.


Thoughts? Insults? Directions to more research I can do on my own?


Happy to add more info but I don't know what would be useful!



MtnMan (how was this username available? lol)

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Welcome to EpicSki. Others will chime in soon, especially on the issue of which binding to choose, but a good first step is to get an overview of the equipment options. Here's a link to a mountain guiding website that offers useful equipment reviews in its Advice Articles section. Among them is this basic overview of ski, boot and binding options:




The most nettlesome question concerns which binding to buy: a Dynafit style tech binding, a more burly frame binding, or a hybrid binding such as the Marker Kingpin. I haven't tried the Kingpins. I prefer Dynafit bindings. For a wealth of information on Dynafit bindings see Lou Dawson's website https://www.wildsnow.com/


There are also a great many EpicSki postings on this subject. Use the search function to find these.


Good luck.

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