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I have several pairs of ski boots size mondo 24 giving various shell fits around 14mm some a little more some a little less.

I have a Lange RS 120 SC and down sized to 23 to get a tight back end and the boot has a 1cm punch for the first two toes, and a cut and shut inner boot to go with it.

I like these boots, they were an experiment to see if they were a good match for my morphology and alignment.

I prefer a stiffer boot ( Atomic WC 150 ) but think the Lange is a better match for shell fit.

I was lucky enough to have the shell punch done in a shop which had a RS RP ZA + in a mondo 23.5 and this seemed to be a fit which would not require the toe punch or other mods except perhaps that the cuff was seriously tight and might need the buckles moved.

I know the liner is a lot thinner and this allows more space but to help me understand the siing can somebody say what the size increase is in the "+" size boot over the standard 92mm width world cup version ?

unfortunately the pair I tried were sold two days before I came to the point of going back to look at them again


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the + is a marginal increase in the forefoot width form the 92mm to achieve this they remove material form the inner lower part of the forefoot of the shell  difficult to describe in words but 


imaging the forefoot of the boot as a slightly squashed tube, the base of the boot is flat then the sides curve up slightly to cup the foot before transitioning into the sidewall of the boot, on the + boots the transition is more vertical (the base being flat and this joining the sidewall of the boot in a squarer fashion rather than with the curved cup) which gives just a little bit more freedom to the forefoot  it was done on the ZJ and ZA models to allow young growing feet a little more room


hope that makes sense  

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Yes thats clear thanks CEM.

Just so im crystal there is effectively no length increase compared  with the non "+" shell only a little more width space created ?.

Would I therefore also be correct that the fact I seemed to have sufficient length in this boot is as a result entirely due to the thinner liner allowing the heel to sit further back and perhaps less liner in front of the toes as well ?


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there is no physical length difference, thin liners and true race shape are the only possible reason.  trouble with the lange / rossi range is you have 10 sizes, and 4 commercial flexes and then the + option so nobody holds everything, for this reason we have a set of lower shells in all sizes to shell check people in before ordering the boots direct form the factory

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Thanks Colin and you inadvertently answered other questions I had. I suspected these had to be ordered in as required and wondered how confidently this could be done without seeing the foot in a shell, good to know you can check before hand


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