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K2 Shreditor 112 2015 OR Line Sick Day 110 2015

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Hi All,


I would like to get your advice on which ski to purchase.


I live in Singapore and will mainly be skiing in Japan where there is a lot of powder and fresh snow (little icy slopes). I will be skiing 20 days max a year with an equal amount of powder and slope days. I am an advanced skier and quite comfortable in most terrains (nothing too extreme though). Don't ride park. 


I am 178cm (5'10") and weigh 65kg (143lbs). 


I have narrowed down my selection to:

- K2 Shreditor 112 2015

- Line Sick Day 110 2015


The reason for this selection is because of the versatility of these skis. They both seem quite similar so I'm reaching out to you all to get your perspectives, pros and cons of each, and which you would recommend I go for.


I would also welcome your advice on where to set up the binding on the ski.


Thanks a lot for your help!


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I haven't skied the Shreditor 112 but I do own the SD 110 in a 179cm, I am 5' 7" and 156 lbs, advanced skier.


The SD 110s are a light feeling ski that is surprisingly stable, although they are probably still not a ski for chargers. I find them very nimble, quick and intuitive and great in the trees.


They are my pow skis for deeper days (20 cms or more) although they are versatile enough to be skied even a day or two after a decent dump. They can be skied in firmer conditions (although I don't know why you would want to) but they are obviously intended for soft snow days. They have a gradual and not very pronounced rocker in the tips and only a little early rise in the tail although they do have a decent amount of taper (hence the quickness). 


Because they don't have a lot of rocker, they are not as surfy as some other pow skis (the Automatics, JJs or Super 7s come to mind) but they are probably better in chopped up conditions and they do provide decent float.


To sum it up then, I would describe them as very versatile, predictable and nimble (very ?) wide all mountain skis which are good in a variety of different soft snow conditions: pow, chop, crud and still pretty decent on groomers. Good luck with your research.

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Thanks a lot for this - very helpful !


How/where did you mount your bindings on the SD 110?

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I actually have a pair of Griffon schizo bindings so I can play around with the mount point. On the recommended line already feels pretty quick so that's where I usually ski it. I tried going back -1cm for deeper snow and didn't really like it, I also tried going +0.5cm and it didn't really feel that much quicker so I just decided to leave it on the line. 

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Great, thanks !

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