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NASTAR Flags at half mast in Michigan

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Bryan Groenevelt was a dedicated NASTAR hound and very good guy.

I only met him once but many of the Nubs NASTAR folks knew him well.

He was dedicated as a racer often making eight runs a day and was the only NASTAR guy I know of that had over 1000 runs under his bib.

A strong Platinum racer, he loved the competition.

Salute BryanThumbs Up

Good man down.



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^^^That could happen to any us.  I witnessed something similar happen to a race coach at Wintergreen a couple years ago, hooked an edge and went down then slid off the edge of the trail where he hit rocks.  He wasn't moving when they put him on the sled.

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RIP Bryan.


1000 runs in one season. Amazing.

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Story said he hit a snowgun on the edge of the course. Why wasn't it fenced? I'm not talking about fencing the whole course, but at least there should netting around fixed objects.

Lack of saftey is a big beef I have with many NASTAR and league programs. I have seen courses set right along trees, or around snowgun towers and lift towers with no netting at all. That is crazy! At our USSA program, all danger zones are netted, even for practice courses.
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Oh my, RIP Mr. Bryan!  That's really sad- I read the article regarding his breaking the all-time record for number of NASTAR runs per season.  I usually see his name in the results for # of runs since I get in quite a few myself.  Always wished I had the opportunity to make as many runs as he did.  He's at #10 for runs this season, and at solid Platinum times.   If your at a mountain and on a course as often as he is, I'm sure he had many friends who along with his family will miss him.   

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Last Friday my good friend and team mate texted me that Bryan crashed badly and was being loaded into the ambulance.  They had just ridden up the chair with another one of the regulars and Bryan was egging him on to get the most runs in this season to put Traverse City and Crystal back on top.  His first run of the day was a blistering 21.xx with a jacket, we haven't had anything below a 22 all season, he and the other regular were pushing as we always do.  Bryan dropped his coat, lined up and lunged through the wand in his normal smooth and powerful fashion, it would be his last start and one of our fellow racers would be the last one to speak with him as he expired in his arms.  Hopeful in our hearts from the message of just a crash, myself and one of our friends that works with me at the hospital headed to the Emergency room but the ambulance never came.

We Crystal regulars have been shaken to the core.  He grew up in the area, raced in high school with some of those on the Thursday night league.  His team is very tight knit and they golf and get together often in the off-season. I've made many runs, shared countless chairs and enjoyed a few cold ones with him and his team mates over the years.  

Last night was our seasons final league race and the outpouring of love to Bryan's family and team mates was one of the most uplifting things I've ever witnessed.  We all waited at the bottom of the hill as his team mates took their first runs with Bryan's spirit being the last.  Post race, his team mate Mike had us crying then laughing in the Vista lounge as we raised our glasses to him and gave great comfort and warmth to his family and all of us.

We'll miss your smiling face, banter and quiet excitement Statman.  I'll see you as we rip some big arcs and run a few gates in the next life.

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