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March 2016 Image of the Month Contest  

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Hello All,


Welcome to the March 2016 image of the month contest. This month's giveaway will be a jacket courtesy of OnTheSnow for your winner and a pair of BootDucks courtesy of @SpeedStik the creator of BootDucks for our runner up. Additionally all of this seasons monthly winners will be eligible to win a larger prize (TBA) at the end of the ski season! 




  1. The image must be your own and take during the month of March 2016. 
  2. Please submit one image per post; you can submit up to three images/posts per month. 
  3. Please put a brief description of the image (where, what, when, or any other interesting details). 
  4. Voters can vote for as many images as they like. 


Also not a rule, but an explanation. Please vote for the images you like! At the bottom of the post there is a little thumbs up button, please click it! 


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Whitefish, Ptarmigan Bowl and the lake in the distance, March 4
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"The world we suggest is a new wild west. A sensuous evil world. Strange and haunting, the path of the sun." Jim Morrison 


Shot from the Rez on our way to Telluride. 


The Brave New West. 


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My friend Nick harvesting the corn on Milk Run in Telluride. This was yesterday. 



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A meager 5" made for a stellar day.
Last run in the sun...
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Looking back up the Waterfall run at Snowbasin, one of my favorite spots to catch my breath and admire the Needles.

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My 4 kids at Loveland being dragged out in 'good for you' conditions with too little sleep...and brought in for a snack. March 5th.

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And getting it together off Chair 9.

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Just a reminder that with the season wrapping up for many of you that the images don't have to be skiing related. If you're out hiking, biking, or just on vacation and took some cool shots they are eligible to win! 

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Paragliders over Baldy (at Sun Valley), March 7.

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March 15 at Whitefish.

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Well the northeast has been pretty lame for snow and skiing this year so I'm submitting an artistic style shot from this month:


"Barbed Wire"

Morning shot of frost that grew overnight on an electric fence wire next to my house in Vermont.


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The Grand Teton from the top of the Headwall at JHMR (March 20).  Life is a journey, not a destination.  But if I had to pick a destination, it would be Jackson Hole...


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Copper on a perfect post storm day.

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Mt Ogden at Snowbasin, UT.

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Alta - 3-18-16  Just about to drop into the Ballroom


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This photo has been taken a million times, but no matter how many times on a season I ski Crystal, I can rarely resist taking it yet again.
3/26/16, Crystal Mt, WA

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Cross posted from photo of the day.  Taken yesterday.  Table Mountain and Mt. Baker.


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Mono Lake California at an overlook with mirrored contrail and road

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View of Lake Tahoe from Alpine Meadows last week


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Everyone at Mammoth (seemingly) all on one run last week 


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March 17, Ridge Run, Whitefish, early morning
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View from the Amtrak in Glacier National Park

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View of Glacier National Park from the top of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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Up near the top of John Paul at Snowbasin.


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Mount Baldy , Alta Utah 3-26-16


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Baldy shoulder from Mid Mountain lodge, Alta, Utah 3-26-16


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Serendipity? The magic of "The Most Beautiful Place You'll Ever Ski"? I'm not sure, but when I paused at the top of Milk Run to grab my camera and get a shot of the town of Telluride below, my fingers and the camera fumbled something, and I heard the clicking effect of a photo being taken. I figured oh well, that's the beauty of digital... I can just delete it. But whatever happened and however it happened, this was the result straight from the camera--no fx applied, just rotated and cropped. I really wish I had the skill to actually create something like this on purpose!

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The view from Telluride's Galloping Goose trail. From left to right, the major summits are (I believe) Lizard Head Peak, Sunshine Mountain, Mount Wilson, Gladstone Peak, El Diente, and Wilson Peak.

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