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waxing argument

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My ski buddy and I are in an argument about waxing, he goes strait from brushing them to the hill, I was taught to use a waxing cork to get the fine stuff blended in. Who is right and why? We are both pretty new to doing our own so any additional advice would also be appreciated, THANK YOU and HAPPY SKIING [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Corking the wax is now considered unnecessary. In fact, they now think corking causes suction in wet snow and will slow you down. Some people even use tools to add texture to the wax to break the surface tension and allow your skis to glide better just like dimples allow golf balls to travel farther.
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I will agree with Rio on this one as well. Using a stiff horse hair brush will open up the structure that is in your base from the grinding. After waxing and scraping comes the brushing. Brush until all the surface wax is gone and then brush alittle more. This ensures that you've exposed all of the base structure. Corking is still used I believe for high floro waxes ($$$) that you don't want to scrape and drip all over the floor. Crayon on or sprinkle, and then cork to work the wax into the base and then brush out. No structure exposed or the wrong structure can lead to slower skis.
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The way I have always been taught is to hot wax 'em, scrape what you can, brush what you couldn't and ski 'em dry!

(BTW, not literally ski them waxless, just so you can't feel any wax on the base but can still peel off a bit by running a fingernail down the base, remember, P-TEX is spongy, wax goes INSIDE the base, not on it)
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