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Tecnica Icon XT......

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Anyone out there considering using the Tecnica Icon XT for all around free skiing? Yes, I know its the race stock boot. It comes recommended to me by the ex-product manager for Volkl (Mike), and another reputable bootfitter. I ski in the east, and do just about everything. The boot seems like a good option because of it's very light weight, and the super low volume for my thin foot. I'm quite concerned about getting reasonable flex out of it (190 lb, 6'1") when skiing chop, bumps, or jumping. How much can I safely cut them? I'm also considering a pair of stockli stormriders for all around use. I currently ski Icon carbons and a quiver of skis.


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How do your current boots work for you? If it were me, I'd try to get a low volume version of the Icon Carbon.
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