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Length of rockered twin tip skis

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I am looking for an all-mountain twin-tip ski. However, all all-mountain skis seem to be rockered these days. Which from what I understand, rockers reduce the effective edge and thus you need a longer ski.


My length is 187cm, but I can't really find any allmountain twin tips that are around 190cm.


I was looking at the Dynastar Distorter:



These numbers seem to be how long the rocker is:

Sidecut 119-87-109


So 119mm tip rocker, 109mm tail rocker. 87mm underfoot.


This means that I have to take my normale ski length + (119 + 109mm) = 23cm? Maybe a little less, because of more agility with the twin tip style ski. Is that correct? 


The dynastar distorter longest available ski is 185cm, so I'm worried this isn't long enough for me.


To give an idea about my what I intent to use the ski for: 20% park, 20% off piste, 60% on piste.


Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I think you might be a bit confused about what rocker or camber is.  The ski you're describing, 119-87-109 means that the front of the ski is 119 mm wide, the waist or where your foot will be is 87 mm wide and the tail is 109 mm wide.  The fact that the tip and tail are rockered is referring to how the ski is shaped when viewed from the side.  Here's an article I found that will help explain better what rocker and camber are.




You have established that you want an all mountain twin tip ski, which is great.  The length of the ski you purchase should be dictated by your height, weight and ability level.  Before you purchase online in order to save $$$, if that's your plan, I would seek out a reputable ski shop and have them assist you in selecting the correct ski.  Then you can go bargain hunting.


Good luck.  

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I picked up a pair of distorters this season in 173cm. I'm coming off a Salomon Rocker2 92 179cm 123-91-116. The rocker on the Salomon is maybe a little more pronounced, but the distorters still do OK in soft snow, while hooking up pretty well when set on edge. Turn radius is almost identical, even in the distorters 6cm shorter length, and maneuverability and quickness edge to edge is better than the Solly's.


I think you'd probably be happy with the 185cm. The skis ski very flat, which might contribute to the not so short feel, and the spring-blade core feels more lively than the Salomon. Or you might hate them. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Try and find a demo if you can. I was able to purchase inexpensively enough to gamble, but have some experience with older dynastars, some qualities of which the distorters retain.


FWIW, if I skied 60% on piste, the distorter probably wouldn't be my first choice, but my first choice for 60% on piste probably wouldn't do very well in the park.


OK, shameless self-promotion viddy of the distorters in action:



I was on a pair of Salomon Rocker2 100's for some of that, but mostly the distorters. It's a good looking ski too. I get compliments; not that looks contribute a single thing to how they ski.

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There's a bunch of leftover 191 icelantic nomad rkr skny online for cheap money. Great ski, but the 181 was all I needed
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The Faction Candide 3.0 is available in a 191. 

Icelantic Nomad is available in a 191.

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Thank you very much for your replies.



Ah k, yes of course. Makes sense those numbers refer to the width... Too bad it doesn't say how long the rocker is on their website. From what i gathered from reviews etc, they are medium rockered... I guess thats some more info than nothing.



@MT Skull

That is great! Very helpful to hear someone's experience with them. And the video is awesome. Yeah, I am still not sure whether to go for a more on piste oriented ski.. I definitely don't want to lose the twin tips though. And I do prefer a playful ski over a very stable cruiser so to speak.



The faction cadide and icelantic nomand are probably too wide underfoot for what I intent to use the ski for.



Anyway, going to think about it some more and see if I can find a shop where I can try them out.

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The manufacturer will tell you how long or short the ski skis. Look at the range of sizes offered. The reason that this ski only goes up to 185 is that the manufacturer thinks it skis fairly long for its length and because it is a freestyle (that is--tricks) oriented ski where short length is desired. In general your ski length will be in the same position within the range of sizes for all skis you use. This would mean that you would normally ski a much shorter slalom ski than a powder ski. You say your length is 187--what ski is that and what range of lengths is it offered in?

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Not all, although most, ski maker's websites will offer camber and rocker specs..  Specs pages are improving day by day.

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Why do you want a twin tip?  Are you planning to ski switch, tricks in the park, some other reason?  There are plenty of playful skis that are not twin tips.  My main ski is the Nordica Soul Rider, 97mm waist.  It is a twin tip but I have it mounted for all mountain use, not park.  I don't ski in the park at all but twin tips are very useful for skiing in the trees which is pretty much my favorite place to ski.

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