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Weekend observations: Still Winter for most of Sunshine. Rocky in the regular spots Tee-Pee Town Chutes, entrance to Bye Bye Bowl etc. Top of Goat's Eye was wind blasted, but turns on Sunshine coast were soft. South Facing trees on Goat's Eye were a bit crusty but still fun. Conditions were worse than they were on my last visit (2 weeks ago), but still pretty nice.


A few shots.


My dad is getting his legs back after living outside of snow country for the last 15 years.



Dad again.



Girlfriend snapped this shot of my waiting for the group on Bye-Bye Bowl. Filter makes for a more dramatic scene. Mount Assiniboine in the background.




Skied Castle yesterday. I had a great time on the upper slopes. Lots of typical castle windsift. Fun, fast, and silky. Middle of the mountain was unpleasant refrozen junk. Bottom was in full meltdown. Best runs were Drifter to the easy out and everything off (and returning to) the Red Chair. Would not recommend as a vacation destination until (if) there is much more snow. You would want to get the full vertical to really experience castle. Will be treacherous with cold temps and no snow. Some shots of the bottom (sorry, didn't slow down for pics at the top...where it really was quite nice!).



Liz sidesteps over some rocks and almost connected!



Liz negotiates the end of "backwoods onto the collector) This is just above the beginner chair.



Your's truly. Same location.


Finishing the run with a jump over the grass.



The pond below.