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Choice for soft snow ski

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I obsess between 179 Supernatural 108, 179 Line SN 115, Gunsmoke 179, and Volkl One 176. I am 144lbs., 5’10”, in my early 40s. I am not a strong skier, and, therefore, I hesitate going for anything 186 or over 2.2kg/ski. I consider myself an “advanced” skier, whatever that means. Every year I ski about 10 days in UT or  Grand Targhee. I am looking now for a ski with easy short&medium turns in variable steeps, decent stability in crud/chop (<40mph), and powder fun. I don't care much about carving, groomer, moguls. Last 2 seasons I skied on the '13 Sickle 181 with Full Tilt Classics. Mounted at the 0 line tip dive was frequent in pow and deep chop and the stability suffered (standing centered or leaning forward) – got bounced a lot fore and back on chop. I moved the bindings -2, got stiffer tongues for the boots and the Sickles were a bit better this year, but I find them more sluggish  in trees and not so eager to torn.

So, from the options above, what do you think would work for me ? There are now some good deals on these.

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I like the gunsmoke. Balanced, easy to control in steeps. Playful. It could be a great choice, as it isn't demanding.

I would throw in the stockli storm rider 107 as well. That ski is epic for the level of performance and forgiveness it provides
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I ski the peace maker at 104 mm and if the gunsmoke is similar to his little brother then...


I also ski the Kastle West (110mm) and really nice ski that keep a lot more effective edge than the other skis in this categogie so a nice carver too...


If you are obsess with weight: the new Fischer Ranger serie and the new K2 Pinnacle 105 should be what you're looking for... Don't go too short on the Pinnacle as they have a big rocker (but are still stable on-piste)

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My $0.02


Lighter skis get deflected in 3D snow easier than heavier skis.

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Originally Posted by Caucasian Asian View Post

My $0.02


Lighter skis get deflected in 3D snow easier than heavier skis.

Not so sure that's still true.


I think it's more about soft flex and lack of torsional rigidity. I remember the Salomon Pocket Rocket 165cm would get deflected when they hit spring time crud. I think my Gun's which were 10cm longer did the same thing are my 5'11" 185-190lbs back then.


My Gotama's 177cm and Shiro's 183cm don't have the issue, current weight 195lbs.


I think we talked about this type issue last week. I seem to recall saying in a thread. most of us can't afford different skis for deep soft snow conditions. Granted some skis may be great in deep dry light soft powder, but that ski may not be ideal for deep soft spring crud.


Also my old Kendo's with the Salomon P12Ti binding were pretty light and they do fine in soft snow, just not as much fun as the wider skis when it gets deeper or heavier spring snow.

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You can't compare a 177 Gotama to a 175 Salomon PR or Gun.  The PR/Gun was a lightweight noodle, and the Gotama was a proper ski.

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What do you think contributes more to "damping" in chop when the ski is on edge, weight or wide sidecut radius + taper tip/tails ? What exactly does metal to a ski, besides added weight ? Just increased stiffness or does it make the ski rebound more slowly (working more like a shock absorber) ?

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Lighter skis won't necessarly be deflected but they could be more  all over the place if you try to ski them like a damp charger...

Metal don't necessarly mean stiff skis, it depends also of the wood core. Steadfast were stiff with no metal...and no dampness...Some skis do not have metal, are more heavy than light and will be damp...

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