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Vonn, two braces, one fracture, a drainage procedure and.......

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And a first round Super G win.

Go Lindsey!


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Skied good enough in the Slalom to get 13th and extend her lead over Lara Gut.

What's a small fracture when you are in the running for the greatest?

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Gutsy for sure.


Interested to hear what her plans are for the rest of the year.

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This whole thing is pretty interesting to watch unfold. My gut {no pun intended} tells me that there are a lot of differing opinions about what she probably should be doing at this point. I think the use of two knee braces raises questions, and more opinions. You have people whispering about the involvement of RedBull, and her team of physio's there. I have a friend who practiced with one of her former docs, and having seen a pic of her MRI on the net, he's astonished that she's skiing. We both know at least two former racers who's careers ended with tibial plateau problems. 


She must have an incredible tolerance for pain, or great pain meds, or both. Dunno. 


I know that the end of the season is in sight. I resume that she blows off the GS this weekend. Gut {goot} can win in GS. That leaves the SG and SC before the WC finals, then the DH, SG and GS at WC finals. And if she still needs a handful of points, the final SL at the WC finals. Those last races are all in Switzerland, home of Gut. 


I just hope that they're carefully managing the medical risk in all of this. It's easy to say "Of course they are, this is LV." I hope so, but I've seen some questionable decisions with athletes, in hindsight. And I just think there are a lot of cooks in this kitchen. I want to see her come back, and continue on a march to blow by Stenmark's record of 86, and perhaps even on to 100 wins. She needs 24. 


Fingers crossed. 

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Certainly interesting to watch it unfold, not sure I understand the push or urgency to continue skiing however given what I know (still limited regarding actual medical details), career risk involved and the fact this is not an Olympic year.  


Yes season is winding down, but big picture is this year's hardware worth the career risk?


Again I'm not privy to insider details so only going on limited info.  Perhaps the fracture is (hairline) is such that pain management is all that is required. 

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Hbear I would actually say yes it's worth. On beginning of season I would say differently, but with so many others out, it's probably one of last chances to get overall title. Not that it would be first and only one, but still... it's big. With Fenninger back (Maze won't be back for sure), and maybe Shiffrin going for some SG points, things will get much much harder if not impossible, especially with Vonn's medical conditions in last few years. So i would say, she's going for this no matter what, as it just might be her last chance for overall globe.

And on the end... it's not like she's on beginning of her career. If she quits today, she won everything and more. I don't think there's single thing she didn't won yet. Yeah Stenmark's record, but even if she gets over it, it's not worth as much as Stenmark's victories... with 35 races/year  (today) against 10-15 races a year (in Stenmark time) things are kinda hard to compare ;) But everything else, she won already, so there's nothing much more to prove for her.

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Makes sense.  I was thinking along the lines that she already has 4 overalls, has locked the DH this year, etc.

I understand the Overall is big and this year (because of injuries essentially) the depth of field is not as strong as it could've been all year so you are right in this being one of her best chances to claim another one....but I was thinking that she's still gunning for Korea in 2018 as she's still got unfinished business lingering because of Sochi.

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Well looks like Vonn's season is over.

3 fractures and at least one is large enough to not be stable enough for her to ski without significantly damaging more.


Looks like overall is Gut's to lose being only 28 points back.

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