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TQA sx92 question

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@TQA asking the boot fitters about rear entry saloons is a fools errand.
Post a photo of what you need in an open forum. Do you have heel and toe lugs held on with screws?

I'm not going to compromise my stash for you, but I have some incompatible parts that might help you. Details please.
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Thank you for coming back to me on this. 


This relates to my Salomon SX 92 Equipe ski boots.


The story so far. I was checking my equipment and was horrified to see that the black pieces of my soles on the toes were missing on both boots. Also the white parts were showing signs of wear. DIN plates ?


I scavenged a pair of toe pieces that were in better condition from another pair of SX 92s and fitted them which kept me skiing. [ Thanks to Skitruck in SLC which has thousands of old boots ]


But as you can see from the pic the black pieces of the sole are crumbling round the edges.


The heels seem to be in much better condition.


I would love to find a new pair of toe pieces. Failing that I guess I can be ready with some replacements for the black pieces and glue them on to preserve the DIN plates. 



Any ideas?

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