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A young man in his thirties had passed beyond this world and made his way to the pearly gates. Upon encountering the threshold of heaven, the man stopped to look around. To his left he saw St. Peter sitting on his perch with a gigantic book and White feather-pen.

"Hullo...uh, am I in heaven?", the man asked.

"Well, Not yet.", said St. Peter, "I have one question to ask of you before you may enter. Your answer will be very important, so don't rush."

"I'll do my best", replied the man, "Ask away."

Peter asked, "In your mortal life, did you do anything for your fellow man? That is, did you give of yourself unconditionally and without any expectation of payment, or praise?"

After pondering the question for only a few seconds, the man said "Well there was one time that sticks out in my mind. I was driving my BMW up Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota when I noticed that there was a pretty young woman standing along side the road with a broken-down car. Normally I wouldn't have been able to help her (I know nothing about cars), but there were a half-dozen nasty-looking bikers standing around her and she looked very uncomfortable... so I stopped to see if I could be of any assistance."

"That's awfully compassionate of you." said St. Peter, as he scrawled a few notes in the book.

"Well, there's more.", said the man, "I walked up to the group and asked the woman if there was anything I could do. The bikers all turned on me and told me to get lost or I would regret it. After hearing this I casually asked if they would please leave... that I didn't want to cause any trouble and the young woman obviously didn't want anything to do with them."

"You are quite a brave man to take that sort of risk." said St. Peter with an admiring look upon his face.

"Well, I may have gotten a little angry though." chimed the man, "After awhile, I became tired of being ignored and threatened by the bikers, soI decided to teach them all a lesson and I hauled off and punched the biggest, meanest looking, most tattooed one of the bunch. Right in the nose, man. Blood everywhere."

Peter was very impressed, "Still, young man, to take such action in defense of a woman you hadn't even met! I have no problem admitting you to Heaven. When did all this happen?"

The man looked at his watch and said, "About two minutes ago."

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