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Binding Mount Position

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I lined up my skis so I could compare the binding mount positions.

They are a bit different and I'm not quite sure what to think.

The Rossis sure seem to be forward mounted but the tail is so turned up that may be OK.

Any comments?



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Hey wasn't this thread up a while back ?


Different skis have a different recommended mounting position.


That's normal.

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It appears you're talking about the FX94, the Rossi Hero looks back the most.


The Fisher WC are shortest of them all and still have what looks like the most forward compared to measured center.

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Please make this a troll, since apples and snails should never be compared.

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I had the Rossi's at +1 but moved them back to where you see them.

They skied great today.

All these bindings are where they are mostly because I moved them around to find where I like them.

The skis are all 175's except the slaloms.

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