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Inexpensive backcountry skis

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I'm trying to find a set of inexpensive backcountry skis. Male 130lbs 5'7" in New Hampshire. Looking for less than $600 with bindings (lightweight frame type probably), which is about $300 alone for the skis. A little challenging. I found two so far that I'm interested in:





I want around 100 underfoot, easier to turn, lightweight. The fischer looks like and may be a little better, the Head, not so much, I can't find much info about it. Since I don't weigh much, and kind of weak but a strong skier, lightweight is important. For this reason I was interested in tech type bindings, but I read a guide somewhere that those might not be best for beginners at touring. L9 Sports has a selection for bindings but none of the AT types are within my price range. I'll have to look elsewhere. With frame bindings I'll have the option to use my alpine boots to start out (right?), which may be ok for a while, they're a soft flex anyway.


The fischer have precut skins available, but they're the scale type. Are those even good?

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I'm looking at Marker Tour F10 bindings, and can't find them with 110 brakes. Will the 90 work with bending on a 100mm ski? Are the brakes replaceable?

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Why the Marker binding?  The Tyrolia Ambition 10 or 12 are lighter and very durable.  That's what I would use and we're sold several this year.

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What other skis do you have?

Those tour specific skis look like one trick ponies.
I'd find a lite alpine model, cheap. Maybe a chick ski.
There are a bunch on Evo & EBay for a $100ish.
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Look at G3's Boundary line.  100mm width.  Quick search found some for just over $400 and if you buy last year's in the off season I am sure you can do better.  I have their old 93mm G3 Saintes and I love them.  They are lightweight and easy to turn, fun and yet I trust them in sketchy situations.   I am just assuming their newer lines will ski similarly so I could easily be way off base.

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