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moldable shells

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Can anyone describe the fit differences among the 100 % moldable shells made by Fischer, Salomon, Atomic, and 1 more I may be missing the name of?


For example.... I was told that the Fischer can both expand and take up space where needed but the Solly only expands.  I've also heard that many canting issues can be corrected in the molding process.


Are there certain foot types/ issues that can't be resolved with this kind of process?  Do you think it's a fad (ie.. rear entry boots) or the future (ie... shaped skis) ?


I'm trying to better educate myself about this stuff.... BTW... I LOVE my  Fischer Vacuums 

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Fischer vacuum boots area a true custom boot.. The internal part of the liner will mold to the foot and lower leg as the exterior part of liner molds to shell shape.. This helps give you a precise fit. The Shell can expand or contract 5+ mm.. The upper cuff can take shape to the lower leg thru molding process for pure contact and fit of boot.. This can help eliminate sole canting..Atomic just added an additive to there plastic to help it stretch/ mold easier.. It will only expand... Salomon, Head and others are similar. This type of plastic does help the boot fitters make modification but i do not call it a true custom fit through-out.. The liners are heat moldable for conforming purposes.. Fischer's liner has similar material like intuition for true molding and memory...hope that helps clarify,,,
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