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Originally Posted by dchan View Post



Something like this..




Congratulations for passing!


Thanks for the video, that was a bit different from what I would have thought from the description above. From "Some flexion should happen as the turn exits the shaping part to manage pressure and into the finish of the turn creating gentle edging to control/manage pressure under both skis", I would have expected more flexion of the old outside leg, and less extension of the old inside.

Also, there was less counter than I would have thought.

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Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement.

I was trying to go back through my feedback to give you more ideas of what the exam was like from my perspective.

My constant focus (becides "turning off my brain and just skiing") was from a very early feedback during our first round of retraction turns. The examiner mentioned that ocassionally at the transition, there was a very slight delay of the new inside ski, moving to the little toe side. Not enough to really show up as an "a Frame" but enough to be noticable.

This of course at slow speeds and on piste was just a matter of staying focused on it and being aware of how precise I needed to be. I think it went away in most of my tasks. Where it popped back into my skiing was off piste and steeps when the snow got variable or when my feet were on different pitches due to terrain.

My final exit comments on my evaluation sheet were specifically about being more accurate with this pressure and edge angles, managing pressure etc so that both skis maintain the same edge angles and directing pressure along the length of the ski accordingly to accomplish this.

The steeps and crud we were skiing and the speeds we were skiing at would (I think) have challenged just about everyones ability to accomplish this. the examiner said "occassionally" also and I can live with that.
I will strive to be more accurate with that part of my skiing as I do know it will just make me a better skier (and that is what I am striving for) but I was very happy with the rest of the comments on my evaluation.
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I didn't have time to read your entire review which I will do later.  But again congratulations.  I think one thing you will see is exactly what the thread title says: "The Journey Continues".  It truly does and will.  I think you will be amazed at how your skiing and teaching will progress year after year.  We all think that L3 is the pinnacle, but for many of us it is just the beginning.  


I am so happy for your success!  You've made us all proud. 

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Originally Posted by vindibona1 View Post

I think one thing you will see is exactly what the thread title says: "The Journey Continues".  It truly does....

This I totally get and exactly why I wrote the title thay way. Originally it didn't even say L3. I added that by request of someone but it's all a journey to become a better skier, and in my case also a better teacher/coach.

One thing that irks me are the many "L3" certs that are not continuing to build on their knowledge and skills. Many let those skills slip or degrade.

When I stop learning or trying to improve, it's time to find a new sport!
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Congratulations, David!
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I was able to confirm that the person I thought passed was indeed the other pass in our group. So the pass rate was 2 of 5. Since I don't have permission to post names I will just say, Congrats to those who have taken and passed any exam events they attended.

To those who did not, keep at it.

The primary issue from my view (shared also by the examiner) was the lack of adaptability of the candidates. They were all strong skiers athletically, with fairly strong mechanics. "Touch" on the snow and inability to change their habits and/or turn mechanics to affect different outcomes were what held them back.
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"He who is not busy being born is busy dying."


Bob Dylan

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I have a suggestion to any serious skier... Start writing stuff down (this forum isn't a bad place if you can archive your posts somewhere)!  I began writing regularly at the end of the 1994 season. And like a personal diary it can provide a lot of personal insight as well and illustrate (sometimes embarrassingly) how much and/or how little one knew at that time. 

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Yes Vin, I keep a log of every ski day in an excel worksheet, aside from data like date, etc.


In addition I keep notes of equipment and technique that might have been of note on each day.


Very useful indeed.


I also have an electronic notebook for each season going back many years with what I learned that year, any coaches comments, etc.

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Unless you are the best skier in the world there is improvement to be had,  even so  I know the best in the world are always working on something.   I always keep an index card in my pocket.  It's a list of the technical things I am working on each season.  Most days I ski I practice each focal point for at least one run.  YM

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