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Bovec/Kanin in Slovenia?

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I'm hoping maybe some epicski members from Slovenia or nearby might have some idea about how to answer this question: 

What exactly is going on in Kanin? I know the resort was closed for a number of years after the gondola accident. But I also read last year I thought that Bovec would be getting money to rebuild the lift system. Will the ski area ever open up again? I also heard that some outfitters from Bovec are doing hell-skiing up there. Any insight is appreciated. 


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I'm in Slovenia but some 100km away from Bovec (yeah for us that looooong distance :D) so I don't have first hand info, but I do follow a little bit what's happening there. It's complicated and based on my opinion, we won't be skiing there anytime soon, except if we go skinning up, which is actually really good option anyway :) Few years back, lift collapsed, luckily with no casulties or even injured people, which was actually huge luck. Ever since there were several projects (all without money) how to rebuild this resort. Last autumn it started again, and Bovec got some 6 millions eur to rebuild system and to start it again. Anyone with half of brain know 6mio is nothing when talking about this what should be done. Basically delivery lift (gondola from Bovec to Kanin) should be made new, not fixed, all lifts up on Kanin should be changed, and so on and on. And for that, you would rather need 160 millions not 6 :) Not to mention they started this project sometime in September or October, hoping they will be done till winter. They were really lucky with "winter" we had this year, as there was no snow at all till January, as otherwise, there's few meters of snow up in Kanin in early December already. Yet they still didn't managed to do basically anything. So nothing is running yet. And if you ask me, it never will... they will spend these 6millions, some will be thrown away for "renovation" works on Kanin, and some will disapeare in private pockets, and on the end, we will have same as we had for last few years... rusty lifts dying up on Kanin and no skiing, as there's simply no way they will find investor, who would be ready to put 100+mio eur into this project. And with less money, there's simply no way it will ever really start.

On the other hand, you have Sella Nevea, which is Italian side of Kanin, which is running normally, but if you are staying in Bovec or Soca valley it's not really handy to get to bottom gondola station of Sella Nevea, as it's some 20-30km drive on not so great roads, and with some snow, it can happen Predil pass can be closed, so you have no chance to even get there.

As far as heli skiing goes, I have no idea about this. I have heard there's some, but things are pretty restricted (nature protection etc.) so I doubt there would be really lot of this. But I might be wrong.

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@primoz Thank you for the update! It's really hard to find anything on Kanin, online even in the slovenian newspapers. I've been curious - I love that area, and we used to go there in winter when I was a kid. Good memories, beautiful place! Thank you!

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