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13" of Dumpage and Sun at Schweitzer

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After some warm temps were impacting conditions last week in the Pacific Northwest, Old Man winter stopped into Schweitzer Mountain Resort last Friday and dumped some of his goodness on the mountain.


With an accumulation of 5" on Friday, conditions rapidly improved throughout the day. As we put down a few cold PBR's in Schweitzer's Apre's watering hole, Tap's, we noticed it was getting harder to see the village. At first we thought it was the beer but as it was the snow coming down with a vengeance, we knew Saturday was going to be on point. 


                                                          Eric Einhorn popping into GOODNESS!


Now if anyone has experienced Schweitzer Mountain in the Idaho Panhandle, you know foggy mornings can be part of the routine but if you've been lucky enough to witness a clear morning sunrise, let alone on a weekend, you know you're in for a great day.


                                                               Not a Bad sight to wake up to!


Friday night's storm dropped 8" over night bringing the 24 hour accumulation to 13" and in some of the sweet pockets even more! 


8:10 am Saturday Morning, made my way up near the front of the line to only be beat out of that first chair spot by my longtime High School friend Ken Conger and the local Schweitzer Posse of Erich Thompson, Eric Einhorn and Joe. As dozens gathered for that 8:45 opening bell, the sound of Avy bombs going off was a sweet reminder of the 13" accumulation. Hats off to the Schweitzer Patrol for getting their work done quickly and on time, making it safe for the public. 


8:50 Opening Bell, Ken and I were off into the South Bowl venturing our way down the ridge to F-Chute a 35-40 degree run that opens up with a decent pitch.


                         Ken Conger enjoying the wide open spaces of the bottom of F-Chute


                                                          Einhorn charging hard in F-Chute


Oh yeah, the reset definitely made a difference as you could feel the firmness underneath every once in a while, gotta be light! It wasn't the lightest snow but it was perfect for the previous conditions.  It was damn good!


                                                        Duf making an Exit from R-Chute


After stringing together a few non stoppers back to the base and B-lining back up the lift, we met up with Devin Dufenhorst and the 5 of us made our way back over and played around venturing into the R and F Chutes. Time to break out the camera now as we ripped numerous laps throughout the bowl.


                                                                     Eric is all business!


                                                    Devin Dufenhorst getting the money Shot!


                                                         Conger enjoying that Schweitzer pow 


By 1pm most everything that was hit hard had set up plus our legs were a little spent from pushing around the heavier than normal snow. WOW, what a day at Schweitzer Mountain.


                                                             Devin laying down a Wall



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Nice! Love the shot of the sun-rise over the cabin! 

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Excellent Bob! Thanks!
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Wishing we had that kind of snow here in the East... 



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We spent 4 days over presidents weekend at Schweitzer.   It snowed 3" first two nights and then closer to 6-7" on top for Monday.  On Monday there were very few skiers on the hill and my son and I were often the only ones on the Lakeview Triple lift.  We had sun and untracked conditions until about noon when we had to head out.   I've never seen it very busy and there is often leftovers in the trees of the more advanced terrain.   

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It was a great weekend! Not only did we have the new snow on Saturday but Sunday was bluebird with great groomers and some still cold powder in the Lakeside Chutes. A few of us skied Shots 8 and 9 six runs as well as Shot 5 once the others were back in the shadows. All in all, just a great weekend at Schweitzer.

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And to think I set my expectations very low as the forecast heading into the weekend was for RAIN!!!  Turned out to be a winner!

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Glad you had a good visit. Schweitzer is kind of a low key resort with lot's of terrain, I like it like that!!! Most big resorts everything would have been hammered by 10am. Living in my "Own Private Idaho".

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